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  Title Version Description Size
MSP Gang Programmer Package MSP Gang Programmer Package 14445 K
MD5 Checksum MD5 Checksum 1K

Supported products & hardware

Supported product family

What's New?

  • Added support for new devices: MSP430FR59941, MSP430FR5992, MSP430FR5962, MSP430FR5964
  • Removed support for XMS430P401R prototype material
  • Using MSP-GANG in standalone mode after power-up programing fails and passes after pressing GO the second time. Bug fixed.
  • Go button pushed 2 times causes error when using scripts. Bug fixed.
  • Added pop-up message in GUI with possible scenario if verification failed in FRAM.
  • 'Code out of range of the selected MCU' occurs even though no Code File is selected in active project. Bug fixed.
  • MSP432 'Clear Locked Device' button in GUI and external Power supply results in following error message: 'Invalid Error Number'. Added procedure with unlocking MCU with external power supply.
  • Release Information

    The MSP Gang Programmer is an MSP430/MSP432 device programmer that can program up to eight identical MSP430/MSP432 flash or FRAM devices at the same time. The MSP Gang Programmer connects to a host PC using a standard RS-232 or USB connection and provides flexible programming options that allow the user to fully customize the process.

    The MSP Gang Programmer is provided with an expansion board, called the Gang Splitter, that implements the interconnections between the MSP Gang Programmer and multiple target devices. Eight cables are provided that connect the expansion board to eight target devices (via JTAG or Spy-Bi-Wire connectors). The programming can be done with a PC or as a standalone device. A PC-side Graphical User Interface is also available and is DLL-based.