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  Title Version Description Size
PROCESSOR SDK INSTALLER Processor SDK SITARA AM64x Linux Only Package - Linux Installer 895948 K
Processor SDK AM64x Release Notes Processor SDK SITARA AM64x - Release Notes
Processor SDK AM64x Overview Processor SDK SITARA AM64x - Overview
processor_sdk_sitara_am64x_07_02_00_01_docs.tar.xz Processor SDK SITARA AM64x - Documentation package 35596 K
software_manifest.htm Processor SDK SITARA AM64x - Manifest 828 K
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 4 K

Supported products & hardware

Supported product family Supported products Supported hardware

What's New?

  • Linux embedded software support
  • Long-term Stable (LTS) Linux kernel support
  • Board support package
  • File system
  • Bootloaders

Release Information

Thank you for your interest in PROCESSOR SDK SITARA AM64X Software Development Kit (SDK). This SDK is a Linux only package. The Processor SDK is a unified software platform for TI embedded processors providing easy setup and fast out-of-the-box access to benchmarks and demos. All releases of Processor SDK are consistent across TI’s broad portfolio, allowing developers to seamlessly reuse and develop software across devices