Release Date:  08 Oct 2018

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SimpleLink SDK Installers
Windows Installer for SimpleLink CC26X2 SDK Link to Windows Installer for SimpleLink CC26X2 SDK 227792 K
Linux Installer for SimpleLink CC26X2 SDK Link to Linux Installer for SimpleLink CC26X2 SDK 217124 K
macOS Installer for SimpleLink CC26X2 SDK Link to macOS Installer for SimpleLink CC26X2 SDK 218290 K
SimpleLink SDK Documentation
Documentation Overview SimpleLink CC26X2 SDK Documentation
TI Resource Explorer SimpleLink CC26X2 SDK in Cloud TI Resource Explorer

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What's New?

  • Secure off-chip OAD for BLE5-Stack. This feature allows images to be signed and verified in order to ensure firmware updates are from a trusted source.
  • The multirole example for the BLE5-Stack now supports advertising, scanning and initiating connections on all supported PHYs and any combination of supported PHYs.
  • Native OAD for TI-OpenThread, enabling network node firmware updates.
  • Support for Z-Stack, TI’s Zigbee 3.0 compliant protocol suite. (This feature was previously contained in a separate plug-in.) Visit to learn more about the benefits of Zigbee 3.0.
  • Added the dynamic multi-protocol manager (DMM). The DMM lets you run two stacks simultaneously. In this release, the following stacks are supported: BLE-Stack and TI 15.4-Stack.
  • SysConfig 1.0 example projects have been added for the following stacks: BLE5-Stack, Thread and TI 15.4-Stack. SysConfig is a graphical tool for configuring your project in CCS.
  • Maintenance release of the TI 15.4-Stack software component.

  • Refer to the Document Overview for the individual release notes and details for starting development with each SDK component
  • SimpleLink platform level changes are available in SimpleLink Core SDK Release Notes
  • Refer to the included Change Log for a summary of new features and fixed issues since the last SDK release

Release Information

The SimpleLink™ CC26x2 Software Development Kit (SDK) delivers components that enable engineers to develop applications on the Texas Instruments SimpleLink CC26x2 family of wireless microcontrollers (MCUs). This software toolkit provides a cohesive and consistent software experience for all SimpleLink CC26x2 wireless MCU users by packaging essential software components, such as a Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) protocol stack supporting Bluetooth 5, Thread 1.1 networking stack based on OpenThread, ZigBee 3.0 compliant protocol suite, TI’s 15.4 Stack as well as the TI-RTOS kernel and TI Drivers in one easy-to-use software package along with example applications and comprehensive documentation. In addition, the Dynamic Multi-Protocol Manager (DMM) software component enables multiprotocol development on a single SimpleLink wireless MCU through time division multiplexing.

The SimpleLink MCU portfolio offers a common development environment that delivers flexible hardware, software and tool options with 100% code compatibility across MCUs for customers developing wired and wireless applications. For more information, visit

This is version of the SimpleLink CC26x2 SDK.