超低ノイズ、150mA リニア・レギュレータ、RF アナログ回路用、バイパス・キャパシタ不要




The LP5900 is a linear regulator capable of supplying 150 mA output current. Designed to meet the requirements of RF/Analog circuits, the LP5900 device provides low noise, high PSRR, low quiescent current, and low line transient response figures. Using new innovative design techniques the LP5900 offers class-leading device noise performance without a noise bypass capacitor. The device is designed to work with 0.47 microF input and output ceramic capacitors. (No Bypass Capacitor is required). The device is available in micro SMD package and LLP package. This device is available with 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.0V, 2.2V, 2.5V, 2.7V, 2.8V, 3.0V, and 3.3V outputs. This evaluation board is designed to enable the evaluation of the LP5900 Voltage Regulator. each board is assembled and tested in the factory. This evaluation board has the microSMD-4 bump package mounted.

  • Stable with 0.47 microF Ceramic Input and Output Capaciors
  • No Noise Bypass Capacitor Required
  • Logic Controlled Enable
  • Thermal-overload and short-circuit protection
  • -40° C to +125° C junction temperature range for operation

Key Specification:

  • Input voltage Range: 2.5V to 5.5V
  • Output voltage range: 1.5V to 3.3V
  • Output current: 100mA
  • Low output voltage noise: 6.5 microVRMS
  • PSRR: 85 dB at 1 kHz
  • Output voltage tolerance: plus or minus 2%
  • Virtually zero IQ (enabled): 1 microA
  • Very low IQ (enabled): 25 microA
  • Start-up time: 150 micros
  • Low dropout: 80 mV typ.


  • Cellular phones
  • PDA Handsets
  • Wireless LAN devices
リニア・レギュレータと低ドロップアウト (LDO) レギュレータ
LP5900 イネーブル搭載、150mA、低ノイズ、低静止電流 (IQ)、低ドロップアウト電圧レギュレータ
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LP5900TL-1.8EV — Ultra Low Noise, 150mA Linear Regulator for RF Analog Circuits Requires No Bypass Capacitor

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* EVM ユーザー ガイド (英語) AN-1396 LP5900 DSBGA Evaluation Board Information (Rev. C) 2013年 4月 29日
証明書 LP5900TL-1.8EV EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) 2019年 1月 2日
データシート LP5900 150-mA Ultra-Low-Noise LDO for RF and Analog Circuits - Requires No Bypass Capacitor データシート (Rev. R) PDF | HTML 2016年 6月 1日


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