TPS62730 降圧コンバータ、バイパス・モード、超低消費電力ワイヤレス用、評価基板




Stepdown Converters With Bypass Mode for Ultralow-Power Wireless Applications, Evaluation Module/Board

The TPS62730EVM-726 evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the operation andperformance of the TPS62730 step-down converter. The user’s guide describes the TPS62730 evaluation module, how to perform a stand-alone evaluation or interface with a host or system. The converter is designed to deliver up to 100 mA of continuous current to the output. The converter can be switched into bypass mode by grounding the ON/BYP pin or automatically with the input voltage falling to the output regulation voltage. The TPS62730 device is a high-frequency synchronous stepdown dc-dc converter optimized for ultralow-power wireless applications. The device is optimized to supply TI’s low-power wireless sub-1-GHz and 2.4-GHz RF transceivers. The TPS62730 reduces the current consumption drawn from the battery during TX and RX modes by a highly efficient stepdown voltage conversion. It provides up to 100-mA output current and allows the use of tiny and low-cost chip inductors and capacitors. This device supports most Li-ion primary battery chemistries, with an input range of 1.9 V to 3.9 V dc. The TPS62730 features an ultralow-power bypass mode with a typical 30 nA current consumption to support low-power modes of modern RF transceivers. In this bypass mode, the input is connected the VOUT pin via an internal 2-Ω bypass FET. The device automatically enters bypass mode when the input (battery) voltage falls to the bypass transition threshold.

  • Input Voltage Range V IN from 1.9V to 3.9V
  • Typ. 30nA Ultra Low Power Bypass Mode
  • Typ. 25 µA DC/DC Quiescent Current
  • Internal Feedback Divider Disconnect
  • Typ. 2.5Ω Bypass Switch between V IN and VOUT
  • Automatic Transition from DC/DC to Bypass Mode
  • Up To 3MHz switch frequency
  • Up to 95% DC/DC Efficiency
  • Open Drain Status Output STAT
  • Output Peak Current up to 100mA
  • Fixed Output Voltage Options 2.1V, 2.05V and 1.9V
  • Small External Output Filter Components 2.2µH/ 2.2µFv
  • Optimized For Low Output Ripple Voltage
  • Small 1 × 1.5 × 0.6mm3 SON Package
  • 12 mm2 Minimum Solution Size
降圧コンバータ (スイッチ内蔵)
TPS62730 バイパス・モード付き、超低消費電力ワイヤレス・アプリケーション向け、降圧コンバータ



TPS62730EVM-726 — TPS62730 超低消費電力ワイヤレス向け、バイパス・モード搭載降圧コンバータの評価モジュール で取り扱いなし
TI の評価品に関する標準契約約款が適用されます。


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* ユーザー・ガイド Step down converter with bypass mode (Rev. A) 2012年 8月 21日
証明書 TPS62730EVM-726 EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) 2019年 1月 2日
データシート TPS6273x Step-Down Converter With Bypass Mode for Ultra Low-Power Wireless Applications データシート (Rev. D) PDF | HTML 2014年 12月 15日
データシート 超低電力ワイヤレス・アプリケーション向け、バイパス・モード付き降圧型コンバータ データシート 最新の英語版をダウンロード (Rev.D) PDF | HTML 2011年 12月 21日


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