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Applications for the SimpleLink™ platform

The SimpleLink platform offers the broadest portfolio of differentiated wired and wireless Arm® MCUs featuring Ethernet, Bluetooth® Low Energy, Wi-Fi®, Sub-1 GHz with Zigbee® and Thread – all unified by a single, robust software architecture with 100% application code portability, modular development kits & cloud-based tools. The flexibility of the SimpleLink platform helps manufacturers quickly develop and seamlessly reuse resources to expand their portfolio of connected products.

Building security systems

Building security systems have unique design challenges to address the growing need to remotely and securely monitor and control multiple security networks in a building. These challenges range from high throughput data transfer for camera applications, to multi-year battery life of ultra-low power remote door and window sensors, to securely authenticating individual, unique users trying to gain access into the building.  The SimpleLink platform is designed with these challenges in mind so that one software investment can enable designers to quickly scale their own security system offering and adapt to address the ever-changing demands of a more connected building.

Select your security system

  • SimpleLink enables security companies to expand their own platform by offering the industry’s broadest portfolio of wireless technologies including Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, Sub-1 GHz, Zigbee, Thread, Ethernet, and multi-standard in a single, 100% code portable development environment.

Protect user and IP data

  • Security features built into the platform protect data at each level of storage, runtime, and transfer.  Features include cryptographic accelerators, secured device boot, key storage, IP protection and more.
  • In addition, the Wi-Fi certified solution supports personal and enterprise Wi-Fi security, built-in TLS/SSL engine, real-time encryption for highly secure wireless and cloud connected applications

Multi-year battery operation

  • The SimpleLink platform includes an innovative sensor controller engine for extremely low-power and efficient sensing, enabling <1 µA operation. 
  • Prebuilt TI drivers in the SimpleLink SDK also increase operational efficiency and lower energy consumption for energy-sensitive products.

Want to learn more? See below for example applications and resources to get started.

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Electronic smart lock

Make your traditional door lock smarter by adding wireless connectivity: enable phone as a key using Bluetooth, cloud connectivity and remote access anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi, or get the best of two wireless technologies by using our multi-protocol solutions.

View the SimpleLink Connect series video on the right for a demonstration of the SimpleLink™ wireless MCU-Based electronic smart lock reference design which features:

  • Remote monitoring and control of the e-lock using SimpleLink Wi-Fi
  • BLE provisioning
  • Secure Over the Air (OTA) updates
Electronic smart lock- Bluetooth enabled solution

Bluetooth enabled solution:

  • Low power: <1µA operation with the sensor controller while the main MCU sleeps
  • Bluetooth 5: 2x speed, 4x range, or 8x the broadcasting capacity
  • Small size: 12% space savings with TI's bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technology


Electronic smart lock- Wi-Fi enabled solution

Wi-Fi enabled solution:

  • Long battery life: up to two years battery life in always connected mode using SimpleLink's power enhancements including WFA-IoT low power and network learning algorithms
  • End-to-end security: protect assets during runtime, storage, and transfer using integrated security enablers
  • Cloud connectivity: made easy with examples for AWS IoT, IBM Watson IoT, and Apple HomeKit
Electronic smart lock- Multi-protocol


  • Two networks on a single-chip: save costs and future proof your design by running multiple wireless protocols such as BLE + Sub-1GHz or BLE + Zigbee concurrently on a single radio using the Dynamic Multi-protocol Manager (DMM) 
  • BLE + Wi-Fi coexistence: CC2642R + CC3x35

Door & window sensors / Motion detector

Add battery powered sensors to your security system for remote placement and monitoring of system status.

View the SimpleLink Connect series video on the right to learn how Sub-1 GHz can offer longer range and lower power sensors.

Long range:

  • Increase the distance between sensors and gateways by using the industry’s lowest power integrated PA: up to +20dBm TX power
  • Link budget up to 143dBm

Low power:

  • Achieve up to 10 years battery life on a coin cell using the SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz CC13xx family of devices with low TX, RX, and standby current consumption
  • Enable additional power savings by allowing the main MCU to sleep and using the sensor controller for <1 µA standby current consumption

Quick time-to-market:

  • Designing a network from scratch is hard.  TI makes it easy with the TI 15.4-Stack:
  • Out of box Sub-1 GHz star-network solution
  • Frequency hopping for robustness against channel disturbances
  • Beacon and non-beacon mode to fit any application needs

Intrusion control panel

Integrate monitoring, security and multi-sensor support in your access panel. Choose between Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity with out-of-box cloud enablement.

IP network camera and video doorbell

Longer battery life:

  • Achieve up to 1.5 years in Wi-Fi always connected mode using SimpleLink's dynamic low-power profiles including WFA IoT low-power & network learning algorithm.
  • Enable additional power savings by allowing the Wi-Fi to sleep and using the CC13xx as a low power Sub-1 GHz wake up with <1 µA standby current consumption.

Enable end-to-end security:

  • The most comprehensive security feature-set enabling protection against IP or video theft, without the need for external secure components.
  • On-chip Wi-Fi security features include network and manufacturer IP protection facilitated by hardware crypto engine (including APIs to AES256, DES, SHA/MD5, CRC).

High quality video/audio:

  • 16Mbps UDP throughput for H.264 compressed 1080p via RTP

Smoke & heat detector

Enhance your home or commercial building security system by adding wireless connectivity to your smoke and heat detectors to provide real-time notifications and updates through the cloud.  The SimpleLink MCU platform supports a variety of wireless protocols and architectures to fit a range of smoke & heat detector design needs.


  • Benefit from the low power and long range capabilities of Sub-1 GHz
  • Connect the device to an existing home automation ecosystem via Wi-Fi
  • Utilize multiprotocol functionality to create a Zigbee mesh network of smoke detectors, while allowing commissioning and maintenance to be performed over Bluetooth.



  • Network processor: Take your existing smoke detector platform wireless by adding a SimpleLink networking processor. This allows you to avoid the costly recertification process, while still adding advanced functionality.
  • Wireless MCU:  The SimpleLink MCU platform offers a range of devices that are able to run both smoke sensing software and network stack on a single SoC. 
SimpleLink HVAC solutions

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)

Designing heating and air conditioning systems requires energy efficient solutions that can last years. The SimpleLink Platform allows you to build upon a solid foundation of trusted wired and wireless technologies while leveraging both your hardware and software investment with a common, code-compatible software development kit. 

Data collection and system analysis with HVAC controller

  • Certified IOT cloud agents – HomeKit, AWS, Azure, IBM, and more
  • Cloud connectivity via Ethernet, embedded WiFi, or Linux-based WiFi system
  • Real time communication with support for Bluetooth Low energy, Sub-1 GHz, Thread, and Zigbee to receive sensor data

Sensing and actuation

  • Integrated sensor controller core for ultra-low power sensing while the rest of the system sleeps
  • High precision integrated ADC with up to 16 ENOB and up to 1MSPS
  • Actuator control over Ethernet, CAN, and UART using pre-built TI drivers
Intelligent climate control with Smart Thermostat
  • Best-in-class low power consumption with over 1 year battery life on 2xAAs for Wifi and 10 year battery life on a coin cell using Sub-1 GHz
  • Multi-protocol concurrent operation of Zigbee + BLE or Sub-1 GHz + BLE on a single radio
  • Integrated security accelerators to protect against theft and hostile takeover of identity, keys, data, and code

Want to learn more? See below for example applications and resources to get started.

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Enhance the convenience and efficiency of HVAC systems with a smart thermostat that enables remote monitoring and control, “learning” systems to replace static schedules, and flexible deployments without wires.

View the SimpleLink Connect series video on the right for a demonstration of the SimpleLink™ Wireless MCU-Based Thermostat Reference Design which features:

  • Secure Wi-Fi cloud connectivity with AWS or IBM Watson
  • BLE provisioning
  • Low power deep sleep mode
  • Voice commands with Amazon Alexa
  • Secure Over the Air (OTA) update of device and application firmware


Wireless environmental sensors

Add battery powered sensors for temperature, air quality, humidity, occupancy, and vibration in order to increase system reliability and efficiency by enabling “zoned” systems that detect occupancy, predictive maintenance to avoid critical failures, and remote monitoring of system status. 

View the SimpleLink Connect series video on the right for an example of predictive maintenance reference design using vibration condition monitoring which features:

  • Three axis vibration measurement
  • Low power, precision sensing with the MSP432P ADC
  • Edge processing to reduce system power
  • Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity


HVAC system controller/ gateway

Increase the efficiency of HVAC systems and lower maintenance / inspection costs with a system controller / gateway that enables data collection and analysis through remote connectivity and monitoring.

View the SimpleLink Connect series video on the right for an example of an industrial gateway to the cloud which features:

  • Monitoring and control of remote low power sensors
  • Ethernet or WiFi cloud connectivity with the SimpleLink CC32xx and MSP432E devices
  • Sub-1 GHz star network for low power and robust sensor aggregation


automotive SimpleLink

Connected automotive systems face unique challenges ranging from secure connections in car access, telematics and wireless sensing modules to stringent power budgets for always-on sub-systems. The SimpleLink platform is designed to meet these challenges with an AEC-Q100 automotive-grade portfolio of ultra-low power wired and wireless SoCs, innovative software libraries and common, code-compatible software development kit.

Exceptional ecosystem

  • Certified Bluetooth 5.1 solution with proven interoperability that meets automotive-quality standards
  • Cuttting edge localization tools with angle of arrival detection and signal strength monitoring
  • Reduce time-to-market with simplified system integration using the SimpleLink SDK with built-in TI RTOS and TI drivers

Unparalleled system security

  • Hardware acceleration of cryptographic operations enables better latency and performance
  • Flash region protection offers software IP integrity protection
  • Network protocol security (secure connections) using hardware cryptographic accelerators

Ultra-low power architecture

  • Lowest-power platform for always-on automotive wireless connectivity and sensing modules
  • Autonomous sensor controller engine for developing energy-sensitive solutions
  • Optimized Bluetooth stack and SimpleLink SDK 

Want to learn more? Explore a few of our end equipments below:

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Passive entry passive start (PEPS)

Developers of passive entry passive start (PEPS) systems today face challenges achieving certifiable accuracy, and maintaining low power performance. Along with its leading low power performance, SimpleLink Bluetooth Low Energy SoCs have a software-defined radio that enables localization techniques based on received signal strength indicator (RSSI) and angle of arrival (AoA). These techniques ultimately help to enable a vehicle and key accurately communicate their location with respect to each other. SimpleLink SDK is configured in an innovative and flexible way to support key fobs, central nodes, and multi-satellite nodes implementation. 

Achieving accuracy

  • Leading AoA performance with design showcasing  +/- 5 degrees of error 
  • Follow BLE connections with connection monitor to avoid packet loss 
  • RTLS toolbox designed to enables combination of localization techniques 

Leading in low power

  • Enables 7x lower peak current 
  • Low power communication and localization enabling a single radio for both 
  • Localization enabled using only a coin cell battery with no special power management

Phone as a key

Imagine a world where the key fob is no longer needed. We are helping to turn that vision into a reality by using a smart phone as a digital key with Bluetooth Low Energy, a leading technology widely-adopted in smartphones, to eliminate the need for a traditional key fob in PEPS system. The Bluetooth Low Energy technology uses received signal strength (RSSI), and angle of arrival (AoA), which increases accuracy in various RF environments like stadium parking lots and underground garages. 

Our SimpleLink Bluetooth Low Energy is leading in support for phone as key with proven hardware, quality software development kits, and real-time localization system (RTLS ) toolbox. 

Grid infrastructure

Grid of platforms for SimpleLink solutions

The next wave of updates to grid infrastructure includes advancements in self-healing power transmission networks, fault detectors  and smart meters with bi-directional communication. These updates all require wireless connectivity solutions that are robust, more immune to interference and have the ability to stream at higher data rates while covering longer distances at very low power. Additionally, it is imperative to build secure and flexible data rate sensor nodes as they span across power distribution, smart metering, electric vehicle (EV) charging and renewable energy applications. The SimpleLink wireless MCU portfolio provides a single, unified platform that offers the following advantages:

Low power with longer range

  • Fast wake-up and ultra-low-power standby mode for extended battery life
  • Longer range is achievable with long-range protocol support such as Sub-1 GHz and Bluetooth 5 as well as  devices with integrated power amplifiers (PA)
  • Ensure low power performance even in high temperature solutions

Accurate and reliable network performance

  • Ensure data transfer within noisy environments using protocols such as MIOTY, Wireless M-Bus, 6LoWPAN and other narrow band solutions
  • Continued software support for existing and future wireless grid protocols to ensure global support
  • Ability to create large scale networks with support for 200+ nodes

End-to-end security

  • TI 15.4-stack enables security features including secure key exchange and authentication during device provisioning, and link layer security to mitigate risks of eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Cryptographic accelerators enable lower latency and energy efficiency of the security solutions at both stack and application levels. 
  • Secure over-the-air updates providing protected maintenance in the field. 
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Flow meters

Whether it’s a mechanical or ultrasonic meter, add low-power wireless connectivity to your flow meter to detect leaks earlier, provide more accurate billing and remotely monitor performance.  With low-power, long-range wireless connectivity, you can reduce maintenance costs by eliminating manual meter reading and prolong the meter’s battery life.

Choose your low-power network

  • Extend battery life of your network with low-power SimpleLink wireless MCUs supporting a range of wireless technologies including MIOTY, Wireless M-Bus, dual-band with Bluetooth Low Energy, proprietary Sub-1 GHz and Zigbee.
  • Single-chip wireless MCUs with integrated low power sensor controller helps with inductive sensing in mechanical meters. 


Simplify installation and maintenance

  • Use Bluetooth Low Energy to install and update your meter with easy to use over-the-air (OTA) updates

Electricity meters

Whether it’s a commercial or residential meter, leverage the SimpleLink MCU platform to drive the user display and interface, run meter applications, and execute multiple communications protocols. Save cost with longer range by adding multiple meters per gateway.

Create your long-range network

  • Reach longer distances with SimpleLink wireless MCUs that support wireless technologies including dual-band with Sub-1 GHz and Bluetooth Low Energy, Proprietary Sub-1 GHz with TI 15.4 -stack long range mode, Wireless M-Bus, Zigbee and Wi-Fi


Simplify installation and maintenance

  • Use Bluetooth Low Energy to install and update your meter with easy to use over-the-air (OTA) updates
  • Monitor the grid utilizing low power modes for grid outage notifications
SimpleLink factory automation solutions

Factory automation

Wireless sensing is an essential piece of the evolution of the smart factory. Existing cable-bound systems do not have the ability to quickly and dynamically move and adjust to the needs of modern manufacturing lines. By adding wireless communication to an existing factory setup, you can enable flexibility to move the sensors around the factory floor, surpassing the restrictions that exist when using wires.  

Smarter manufacturing

  •  Sensors can easily be adjusted and moved without the need for bulky cables
  • Cable-free equipment provides flexibility to move machinery on the factory floor

Less maintenance & lower costs

  • Faster exchange of nodes as no re-wiring is required
  • Wireless communication path prevents failing cables or connectors on moving machinery
  • No more special cabling equipment in hygiene critical environments needed

Extending existing systems seamlessly

  • Use existing, wired IO-Link networks and extend them using IO-Link Wireless
  • No interference between IO-Link Wireless and existing technologies like Wi-Fi® or Bluetooth®

Want to learn more? Download this white paper to learn how challenges in factory automation are solved with robust, wireless communication technologies.

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Field transmitters

Evolve field transmitter applications using our SimpleLink wireless MCU module and enhance the setup with robust wireless communication based on IO-Link Wireless.

Leverage these features to build differentiated field transmitter solutions:

  • Powerful Arm Cortex-based MCU that can handle data operations at the edge node
  • Enhanced radio performance enabling IO-Link Wireless communication
  • Very low standby current consumption of 1uA with full RAM retention to provide longer battery lifetime
  • Mobile data readout and display using Bluetooth® Low Energy or Wi-Fi®


medical for SimpleLink

Building equipment for the healthcare market demands the highest quality and reliability. Using the SimpleLink platform enables dependable medical products through robust connected microcontroller solutions, all enabled by a scalable code base with the SimpleLink SDK. 

Best-in-class security

Built for reliability

  • Unique Wi-Fi network learning algorithm, tested across 200+ access points
  • Fast wake-up paired with stable ultra-low-power standby without hindering RF performance
  • High precision ADCs using the lowest system power

Proven brand

  • Quality policy: Company-wide quality policy of not obsoleting products out of convenience
  • Use the SimpleLink MCU Platform for code portability across multiple project generations
  • Shipping products for medical applications for over 15 years

Want to learn more? See below for example applications and resources to get started.

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CPAP machine

Wi-Fi enabled solution

Portable CPAP machines, designed with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ wireless MCUs, can securely transfer patient data directly to the cloud with minimal patient intervention and at low costs, while improving data visibility to both patient and physician


Certified and robust solutions accelerate customer development and time to market.

  • Wi-Fi Alliance, regulatory certified solutions allow easy integration of complex RF systems into CPAP machines.
  • TI’s network learning algorithm provides best worldwide router compatibility to CPAP machines. Validated and tested against >200APs.
  • Lowest power Wi-Fi solution eases power optimization work required for battery operated CPAP machines

Best in class enhanced security features protection against attacks and secure patient data transmission

  • Advanced personal and enterprise level security.
  • Minimize  IP or data theft by software IP protection without needing external security components.
  • FIPS140-2 certification further strengthens privacy and confidentiality concerns related to patients and patient data.


Minimal integration effort for cloud, sensor, and more

  • Accelerate development times by utilizing Support for Amazon AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure,  IBM Watson IoT, Apple HomeKit and others
  • Remove need for SD cards by uploading patient data directly to the cloud
  • Complete set of peripherals for connection to a BLDC motor, sensors, and CPAP user interface items
End equipment
Key products
CPAP machine CC3220, CC3120 Application note - Designing connected CPAP machines with SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi®

Medical sensor patches

BLE enabled solution

Patient monitoring medical sensor patches built with TI's Bluetooth wireless MCU can securely transfer patient data to multiparameter patient monitoring aggregators. Use the low power of SimpleLink to ensure lasting patch battery life.

No strings attached: Creating next-generation wireless patient monitors

Variety of space saving solutions

  • Remove the crystal footprint with CC2652RB, the world's first crystal-less wireless MCU
  • Use a small 2.7 × 2.7mm wafer-chip-scale package on CC2640R2F

Industry's best security features

  • Strong encryption supporting 128 and 256 bit crypto accelerators
  • Multitude of security enablers like debug security and secure device identity

Easy development

  • Reuse code on SimpleLink platform for other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Sub-1 GHz
  • Leverage the integrated sensor controller to easily read & process sensor data in an ultra-low power manner

Multiparameter patient monitor

Wi-Fi enabled solution

Multiparameter patient monitoring equipment, designed with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ wireless MCUs, ensures patient data is transferred using the most secure technology. Whether it is in hospital to local servers or at home to the cloud, SimpleLink Wi-Fi ensures data security while increasing visibility to physician and patient.


Certified & Robust Solutions

  • Transferrable Wi-Fi Alliance CERTIFIED IC’s and regulatory certified module solutions allow easy integration of complex RF systems into patient monitoring systems
  • TI’s network learning algorithm provides a high level interoperability with access points (AP’s) for worldwide deployment.  Validated and tested against >200APs

Best-in-class, validated security

  • FIPS 140-2 validated Wi-Fi MCU, enabling 3rd party tested security required by many US and Canada medical institutions
  • Multitude of security enablers to protect IP and data from user to vendor.

Cloud integration enable connectivity to a variety of cloud vendors with minimal effort

  • Support for Amazon AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure,  IBM Watson IoT,and others for easy in-home patient monitoring data transfer
End equipment
Reference designs
Featured products
Design resources
Multiparameter patient monitor
CC3235SF One pager- Enabling secure remote patient monitoring
with SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® wireless MCUs

Personal electronics

personal electronics for SimpleLink

Build differentiated consumer electronics and communication applications with our low-power, system-on-chip (SoC) wireless microcontrollers. These SoCs feature wireless radio and multi-core microcontrollers that handle time-critical protocol processing. Offloading the main CPU allows developers to focus on innovative solutions at the application level.

Portfolio of connectivity technologies

  • The industry’s broadest portfolio of wireless technologies: Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Sub-1 GHz, Thread, and Ethernet in a single development environment
  • Multi-protocol concurrent operation to enable long range or web-based communication
  • Coexistence support between 2.4GHz radios such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy

Built to optimize battery lifetime

  • Enable ultra-low power designs with integrated CC13x2 and CC26x2 sensor controller
  • Lowest power BLE5 solution for long range applications on coin cell batteries
  • Achieve wireless cloud connectivity for 2xAA battery powered applications, with the CC32xx Wi-Fi SoCs

Protecting applications from IoT security threats

  • Hardware cryptographic acceleration enables low latency for secured applications
  • Implement IoT security measures by using our embedded set of security features
  • Enable protection of your application software IP with CC3xx features
  • Over-the-air security content delivery

Want to learn more? See below for example applications and resources to get started.

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RF smart remote control

RF smart remote controls designed with our SimpleLink wireless MCUs enable smooth IoT wireless protocol compatibility, non-line-of-sight operation, and advanced features made possible by bi-directional RF communication such as voice command.

Leverage these features to build differentiated remote control solutions:

  • Powerful ARM Cortex system CPU that can handle operation of radio stacks and applications.
  • A separate sensor controller engine’s ultra-low power, 16-bit CPU core optimized for low power operation and efficient peripheral handling. 
  • Simple and cost-effective future scalable design variations by using the CC2640R2F, CC2640R2L, CC2642R, and CC2652R MCUs which are all pin compatible. 

PC peripherals

SimpleLink’s portfolio of ultra-low power MCUs ensure that PC Peripheral designs such as Bluetooth mice, keyboards and pointers are capable of robust wireless connectivity.

Leverage these features to build low-power PC peripherals:

  • Extended battery life with a fully-configurable, integrated sensor controller which awaits input while the MCU remain in sleep mode.
  • Our SimpleLink CC2640R2F, CC2640R2L MCU is targeted at Bluetooth 5 and BLE devices, making it great for peripheral device designs that prioritize long battery life and robust wireless connectivity.
  • Legacy devices well suited for PC peripheral designs include the CC2543 for proprietary wireless mice, the CC2544 for USB dongle applications, and the CC2545 for proprietary wireless keyboards.


Smart speaker

Transform basic speakers into the smart control center of a connected home by adding Zigbee and Thread. This enables consumers to control lights, outlets, e-locks, home sensors and more from a differentiated smart speaker.

Leverage these features to build a differentiated smart speaker:

  • CC2652R all-in-one network processing enables variety of protocols within the device without requiring AI recertification. 
  • Simplified IoT compatibility with Zigbee/Thread-integrated devices such as SimpleLink’s CC1352R and CC2652R MCU.
  • Future-proof your design with a dedicated configurable ARM Cortex-M core, and allows you to run two wireless protocols concurrently on a single radio using the Dynamic Multi-protocol Manager (DMM).

WLAN/Wi-Fi access point

WLAN/Access points (AP) are evolving into centralized Smart HUBs, with the integration of BLE and multiple IoT protocols, allowing for remote sensing and control of smart buildings. These multiprotocol smart APs enable smarter facilities and improve operational efficiencies and management services.

Our WLAN/Wi-Fi access point solution will help you acheive the following:

  • Add BLE5.0, Zigbee and Thread to your access point with the multi-standard CC2652R wireless MCU
  • Enables ease in indoor navigation and simple advertisements with BLE beaconing
  • Enables faster deployments of facilities utilizing BLE-Wi-Fi provisioning.
  • IoT (Zigbee or Thread) allow for remote sensing, command and control along with cloud connectivity and AI enabled smarter facilities, improve operational efficiencies with minimal additional capital expenditures.