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Overview for RF4CE

Enabling tomorrow’s RF remote controls, adding voice and motion possibilities

Integration at its core

The industry’s only multi-standard, integrated platform with voice control on a single chip and best-in-class RF performance

Ultra-low power by design

Do more with less power: create a feature-rich remote control without diminishing the power profile

Easier to design with

The all-in-one low-cost remote control development kit provides everything needed to start developing with hardware, software, technical documents and support

RF4CE – RF Remote control

Say hello to voice remote control solutions for Bluetooth® Low Energy or ZigBee® RF4CE.

From simple RC solutions to all-in-one SimpleLink™ MCU ultra-low power CC2650RC remote control kits that let you easily add Bluetooth Low Energy or ZigBee RF4CE connectivity, our kits let you differentiate products without sacrificing battery life.

Features can include:   

  • Multiple technology options:  Bluetooth® Low Energy , ZigBee® RF4CE or multi-standard solutions based on the SimpleLink™ MCU ultra-low power platform.   
  • High RF performance with best-in-class link budget for simple remote designs to advanced single-chip, voice remote controls.   
  • Ultra-low power with low active and sleep current, fast start-up times and fast switching between modes.   
  • Reliable, advanced features such as voice-activated commands and search, gesturing, pointing and more.

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