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TI offers a number of resources to support teaching activities in academic institutions. Our Teaching Materials are available for download or your can request a copy on CD. Both methods are free of charge.

Please note that these materials are primarily for the use of academic institutions, for training and education purposes and these materials should not be exploited for commercial gain (such as running paid-for external training courses).

*Note: Please download the .zip file, then extract all files into a new folder on your PC. To start using the materials, please run "Start.exe". Files are large and may take some time to download.

Teaching Material Brief Description Download / Request
MSP430 Teaching ROM Written by: Authors Pedro Dinis Gaspar, Antnio Esprito Santo, Bruno Ribeiro and Humberto Santos University of Beira Interior, Electromechanical Engineering Department, Portugal, 2009. This CD-ROM has been created to provide the vital core materials to enable educators and academics to teach microcontrollers (MCUs), using devices from the Texas Instruments MSP430 family. The materials include slides, labs, tests, programs and application examples, written in an academic style that is both interesting and technically detailed. In addition, the tutorials can be used as student guides to a series of modules and laboratory exercises.

Each module is dedicated to a specific aspect of the device, including detailed descriptions of how to use a range of peripherals. A step-by-step project guide to using different software development tools, with instructions on how to use the available hardware starter kits to perform the laboratory exercises, is also included.


C2000 Teaching ROM C2000™ Teaching ROM. The 3rd edition focuses on the TMS320F28335 ("DelfinoTM") and TMS320F28027 ("PiccoloTM") devices. The older revisions of the CDROM for TMS320F2812, TMS320LF2407 and TMS320F243 are also included in the archive on the ROM.

The "Zwickau Adaptor board" used in many of the 2812 experiments can be obtained from Systec. More details here. This CD-ROM is designed to support teachers and professors teaching embedded control using the TI TMS320C2000 MCU platform. Written and designed by Frank Bormann of University of Applied Sciences Zwickau, Germany, this CD-ROM provides a series of 19 modules with teaching material for the current generation of 32-bit Texas Instruments real-time controllers.

The contents include presentation slides, a textbook with 750 pages, along with procedures and solutions for laboratory exercises, all presented in source-code form to allow flexibility of use. The laboratory exercises are based on the TMS320F28335 controlCARD, the Texas Instruments Peripheral Explorer Board and the C programming language. Some exercises, especially those for the enhanced Pulse Width Modulation Unit, are also available for the TMS320F28027 – Piccolo USBstick.

All exercises are provided in two versions to run under Code Composer Studio CCS3.3 or CCS4.1. The Author Frank Bormann is a University Lecturer in Automotive Electronics, Real-Time- Control and Digital Signal Processing. His department at the Zwickau University is an internationally recognized centre for automotive data bus systems and electromagnetic compatibility. He became a certified instructor for Texas Instruments in 1998, and lectures the 4-day customer workshops for the TMSC2000-family in Europe. In April 2006 he was given TI's DSP Educators Award in recognition of his major contribution to technical education worldwide.


DreamCatcher Written by professors from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, this material contains 9 Lectures worth of slides and 9 labs with code and screenshots, in C or Assembly, for the Stellaris product family. The material covers topics from describing the basic embedded processing concepts up through interrupt programming, Operating systems, addressing and memory structure and much more. You can purchase the fully editable version as well as more courseware and development tools directly from Dream Catcher's website at www.dreamcatcher.asia/cw.

For the complete, editable version of the materials and a specially priced lab hardware kit, visit Agilent

Download Lab Sheets
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Stellaris® CortexTM-M3 Teaching ROM Written by: Ralf Gessler, Heilbronn University, Campus Künzelsau, Germany

The Stellaris® Teaching ROM is designed for professors, associated professors and other academics to teach for the degree programs in electrical engineering, information technology and mechatronics. The contents include presentation slides and software projects - from a simple "Hello World" to complete webserver application. All teaching materials are presented in source-code form to allow flexibility of use. For teaching microcontroller features in the first part of the ROM, the EKS-LM3S1968 has been chosen (Chapters 1-4). This board has relatively low cost and offers a lot of potential for the first steps (fundamentals). It also offers more advanced interfaces such as ADC, OLED and UART etc. The focus of the second part is connectivity. Therefore the EKS-LM3S9B92 (Chapter 5) has been chosen for advanced Ethernet- and USB-applications.

Stellaris Cortex M3 The Stellaris One Day Workshop 2010

Written by TI's internal training organization, the Stellaris One-day workshop is an introduction and technical overview of the Texas Instruments Stellaris® ARM® CortexTMM3-based microcontroller family. Hands-on sessions get you started with a Stellaris Evaluation Kit, including several examples using StellarisWare software libraries.
Workshop Material Contents:
  1. Introduction.
  2. Quickstart Labs.
  3. Stellaris Development and Evaluation Kits for Code Composer Studio. Quickstart.
  4. LM Flash Programmer – Installation and Use.
  5. Stellaris® LM3S3748 Evaluation Kit.
  6. Stellaris® LM3S8962 Evaluation Kit.
  7. CAN Peripheral Module.
  8. Ethernet Peripheral Module.
  9. USB Peripheral Module.
  10. Additional materials of interest to Stellaris users: USB Examples for EKx-LM3S3748.
Stellaris Workshop Wiki Page:


Stellaris Cortex M3 Additional Stellaris Training Material

Developed by Guillaume Henri and Richard Oed from Texas Instruments in Europe, these materials give an introduction and platform overview of the Texas Instruments Stellaris® family of microcontrollers. Contents include an overview of the commercial portfolio & products, hands-on work sessions, StellarisWare code examples, and lab exercises. These will help you get started with the EK-LM3S8962 and EK-LM3S3748 Evaluation Kits. Additionally, you will find MCU training modules based on: connectivity, core systems, graphics, motor control, and others.
Training material contents:
PowerPoint slides:
  1. Stellaris one day workshop.
  2. Platform Stellaris Collaterals.



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