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The TI Worldwide University Program is dedicated to support educators, researchers and students with assistance in all phases and related matters concerning the integration of TI technology into course curricula, senior design and research projects.



TI helps you accomplish more during your education and your career with chips, tools, code examples and new ideas.

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Look here for inspiration on projects or if you're curious to see what can be done with our chips.

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Browse to find the part you need or see what's available for your next project!

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Need some training? Did you know that there are thousands of pieces of software we created to help you get started?

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TI provides world-class Analog & Embedded Processing for projects and courses. Get easy access to products, tools, examples and support.

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Academic Developer Network

TI partners with companies in our Developer Network to bring products to engineering education around the world.


Regional Programs

regional programs

Educational systems around the world differ, so the TI University Program is structured regionally. Your regional team can offer advice and support for programs available in your area.


Student Project

Project HiJackHijacking power and bandwidth from the audio interface of a mobile phone to provide a one cubic inch sensor interface. Get the code and design files today!


ASEE - June 26-29

Join TI at the ASEE annual conference. DSP and MCU training sessions are available and space is limited. Register now

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The Engibous Prize

North America Engibous Competition Student Competition Results.

Secondary Education

Engineers begin their interest before university, and TI is involved in several initiatives around the world to help develop future engineers and computer scientists.

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Join us at events, trainings, workshops, and conferences that are beneficial for academics.