300 MHz to 4.8GHz Quadrature Modulator with integrated wideband PLL/VCO - TRF372017

TRF372017 (ACTIVE)

300 MHz to 4.8GHz Quadrature Modulator with integrated wideband PLL/VCO

Special note

Eight ways to improve RF spurious performance,” EETimes.com, 02/27/2012


TRF372017 is a high performance direct up-conversion device, integrating a high linearity, low noise IQ modulator and an integer-fractional PLL/VCO. The VCO uses integrated frequency dividers to achieve a wide, continuous tuning range of 300MHz–4800MHz. The LO is available as an output with independent frequency dividers. The device also accepts input from an external LO or VCO. The modulator baseband inputs can be biased either internally or externally. Internal DC offset adjustment enables carrier cancellation. The device is controlled through a 3 wire serial programming interface (SPI). A control pin invokes power-save mode to reduce power consumption while keeping the VCO locked for fast startup.


  • Fully Integrated PLL/VCO and IQ Modulator
  • LO Frequency from 300MHz to 4.8GHz
  • 76-dBc Single-Carrier WCDMA ACPR at
    –8dBm Channel Power
  • OIP3 of 26 dBm
  • P1dB of 11.5 dBm
  • Integer/Fractional PLL
  • Phase Noise –132 dBc/Hz
    (at 1MHz, fVCO of 2.3 GHz)
  • Low Noise Floor: –160 dBm/Hz
  • Input Reference Frequency Range:
    Up to 160MHz
  • VCO Frequency Divided by 1-2-4-8 Output
    • Wireless Infrastructure
      • CDMA: IS95, UMTS, CDMA2000,
      • TDMA: GSM, IS-136, EDGE/UWC-136
      • LTE
    • Wireless Local Loop
    • Point-to-Point Wireless Access
    • Wireless MAN Wideband Transceivers

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