Fully Integrated Power Management With Power Path and Battery Charger


The TWL6032 device is an integrated power-management integrated circuit (PMIC) for applications powered by a rechargeable battery. The device provides five configurable step-down converters with up to 5.0-A current capability for memory, processor core, I/O, auxiliary, preregulation for LDOs, etc. It also contains nine LDO regulators for external use that can be supplied from a battery or a preregulated supply. The power-up/power-down controller is configurable and can support any power-up/power-down sequence (programmed in OTP memory). The RTC provides three 32-kHz clock outputs, seconds, minutes, hours, day, month, and year information, as well as alarm wakeup and timer. The TWL6032 device supports 32-kHz clock generation based on a crystal oscillator.

The device integrates a switched-mode system supply regulator from a USB connector. It includes power paths from the USB and battery with supplemental mode for immediate startup, even with an empty battery. The battery switch uses an external low-ohmic PMOS transistor allowing minimal serial resistance during fast charging and when operating from battery. The device can also be used without the external PMOS transistor; the battery is then always tied to the system supply and the switched-mode regulator is used for battery charging.

The TWL6032 device is available in a 155-pin WCSP package, 5.21 mm × 5.36 mm with a 0.4-mm ball pitch.


  • Five highly efficient buck converters
    • One 3 MHz, 0.6 to 2.1 V @ 5.0 A, DVS-capable
    • One 6 MHz, 0.6 to 2.1 V @ 2.5 A, DVS-capable
    • Three 6 MHz, 0.6 to 2.1 V @ 1.1 A, one being DVS-capable
    • Extended mode for higher output voltages
  • 11 general-purpose low-droput voltage regulators (LDOs)
    • Six 1.0 to 3.3 V @ 0.2 A with battery or preregulated supply:
      One can be used as vibrator driver.
    • One 1.0 to 3.3 V @ 50 mA with battery or preregulated supply
    • One low-noise 1.0 to 3.3 V @ 50 mA with battery or preregulated supply
    • One 3.3 V @ 100 mA USB LDO
    • Two LDOs for TWL6032 internal use
  • USB OTG module:
    • ID detection, accessory charger adapter (ACA) support
    • Accessory detection protocol (ADP) support
  • Backup battery charger
  • 12-bit sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with 19 input channels:
    • Seven external input channels
  • 13-bit Coulomb counter with four programmable integration periods
  • Low power consumption:
    • 8 µA in BACKUP state
    • 20 µA in WAIT-ON state
    • 110 µA in SLEEP state, with two DC-DCs active
  • Real-time clock (RTC) with timer and alarm wake-up:
    • Three buffered 32-kHzoutputs
  • SIM and SD/MMC card detections
  • Two digital PWM outputs
  • Thermal monitoring:
    • High-temperature warning
    • Thermal shutdown
  • Control:
    • Configurable power-up and power-down sequences (OTP memory)
    • Configurable sequences between SLEEP and ACTIVE states (OTP memory)
    • Three digital output signals that can be included in the
      startup sequence to control external devices
    • Two inter-integrated circuit (I2C™) interfaces
    • All resources configurable by I2C
  • System voltage regulator/battery charger with power path from USB:
    • Input current limit to comply with USB standard
    • 3-MHz switched-mode regulator with integrated power FET for up to 2.0-A current
    • Dedicated control loop for battery current and voltage
    • External low-ohmic FET for power path and battery charging
    • Boost mode operation for USB OTG
    • Supplement mode to deliver current from battery during power path operation
    • Charger for single-cell Li-Ion and Li-polymer battery packs
    • Safety timer and reset control
    • Thermal protection
    • Input/output overvoltage protection
    • Charging indicator LED driver
    • Compliant with:
      • USB 2.0O
      • TG and EH 2.0>
      • USB battery charging 1.2>
      • YD/T 1591-2006
      • Japanese battery charging guidelines (JEITA)
  • Battery voltage range from 2.5 to 5.5 V
  • Package 5.21 mm × 5.36 mm 155-pin WCSP

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