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Q: Do I need cookies enabled in my browser to view my.TI?
A: Yes

Q: How do I enable cookies on my browser?
A: Click Here

Q: What does the "Remember Me" checkbox do?
A: By selecting "Remember me" you are allowing Texas Instruments to place a permanent cookie on
    your computer's hard drive. This permanent cookie will save your log in information so you don't
    have to log in each time you return to the site.

    Permanent cookies make viewing the TI site easier by:
  • Remembering who you are, so you may access areas of the site without logging in more than once.
  • Allowing TI to tailor content to your preferences.

    If you don't select the "Remember me" option, you will have to log in each time. TI will place a
    temporary cookie on your computer, which will terminate when you close your browser or log out.

    You may remove the permanent cookie at any time by going to your Profile and de-selecting
    "Remember me."

    For security reasons some users will only have their username saved and will be required to enter
    in their password at each log in.

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Q: Do I need to have my browser javascript enabled to view my.TI?
A: No. my.TI will function without javascript, however for a better user experience we suggest you do
    enable javascript in your browser.

Forgot Your Password

Q: I forgot my my.TI Password, how do I get it?
A: Click the "Forgot my Password" link on the my.TI login page, provide your email address, and a
    new password will be emailed to you shortly. We advise that you change your password on the
    "Update my Profile" page to make it easy to remember.

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Adding an Item to my.TI

Q: How do I add an item to my.TI?
A: Certain pages on ti.com have a button, most of the time in the top right hand
    corner of the page. If a page has this button information on that page, it can be added to a folder
    in your my.TI. Which folder it is added to is determined by the type of information on the page.

    To add information from a page on ti.com to your my.TI:

    1. Click the button.
    2. A small pop up window will appear asking you to provide a name for the information you want
        to add.
    3. Provide a name for the information that is relevant to you.
    4. Click the button.
    5. The pop up window will refresh confirming that the information has been added to your my.TI.

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Updated Information in my.TI

Q: Will my.TI automatically update the information that I have added when it is updated on ti.com?
A: Yes. my.TI draws from the same data sources as ti.com. Even though you are viewing the
    information from within my.TI, it will match whatever is currently on ti.com.

Q: What happens if I add a piece of literature to my.TI and a new version of the document is
A: If a new "rev" of a document is updated on ti.com it will automatically appear in your my.TI
    Literature folder.

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What's New

Q: What does the What's New tab on my my.TI homepage show?
A: The What's New tab on the my.TI homepage shows all the resources that have been updated for
    any item you have in your my.TI over the last 30 days.

Q: What does the "What's New" button do in the my.TI folders?
A: The What's New button allows you to see what resources for a particular item have been recently
    updated. If the button appears RED it means that a resource for that item
    has been updated since you last visited my.TI.

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my Email Alerts

Q: What are my Email Alerts?
A: Email alerts are a service of my.TI that provides you a customized weekly email informing you
    of what information in your my.TI folders has been updated. Email alerts are available for the
    following resources:
     > Errata
     > Datasheets
     > Application Notes
     > Block Diagrams
     > Models
     > White Papers
     > Pricing/Availability
     > Training Location
     > Training Dates

Q: How do I add or remove an Email Alert?
A: You can add an email alert during the registration process by selecting which email alerts you
    want and clicking the button.

    After you are a my.TI member you can add or remove an email alert by following these steps:

    1. Click on the "Update my Email Alerts" link in the left hand navigation
    2. Select/deselect the email alerts you would like to receive
    3. Click the button

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Update my Newsletters

Q: What is the my.TI newsletter?
A: The my.TI newsletter is a weekly newsletter that will keep users up-to-date on the latest
    TI products, applications and tools.

    The newsletter is only emailed to subscribers that have opted to receive the newsletter.

    The content within the newsletter is selected when a user selects/manages their product
    or applications preferences within my.TI.

    Users can select their preference of "HTML" or "Text" when receiving the newsletter

Q: How do I select what I would like to see in the newsletter?
A: Place a check in the box next to the topics of interest within the my.TI newsletter section.
    These topics will appear in your newsletter when there is available news or updates to share.

Q: What are technology newsletters?
A: The my.TI Technology Newsletters are monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly newsletters that will
    keep users up-to-date on the latest TI products, applications and tools.

    The newsletters are emailed to subscribers that have opted to receive the newsletter as well as

    The content within the Technology Newsletters is determined by the TI internal business reps
    based on the latest information within the business or applications area.

    Users can select their preference of "HTML" or "Text" to receive the Technology Newsletter

Q: How do I opt-out of receiving the weekly Newsletter or Technology Newsletter.
A: De-select the check in the box next to your newsletter selection to discontinue your subscription
    for either the my.TI Weekly newsletter or Technology newsletter

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Update Profile Information

Q: How do I update my profile information?
A: The my.TI profile page allows you to update you name, address and login information. You can
    update your profile information by the following these steps:

    1. Click on the "Update my Profile" link in the left hand navigation
    2. Update the profile information that has changed
    3. Click button

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Saved Searches

Q: How do I save a search?
A: To save a search, go the ti.com search page and conduct a search. Then enter a name for
    your search in the results page. Your search will be saved to your my.TI.

Q: How do I execute a saved search?
A: If you have a search saved in my.TI, it will re-execute the search using the same search term(s)
    you used when you originally conducted the search. This may result in different search results than
    you originally received.

    To execute a search, click the button that corresponds with the search name you
    would like to execute.

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Q: What are Quicklinks?
A: Quicklinks are urls that are bookmarked for quicker access for each my.TI user

Q: How do I designate a Quicklink in the myLinks area?
A: Quicklinks are selected based on the topics areas that are selected in the my.TI newsletter section.
    For example, if the user selects "DSP" as a topic of interest for my.TI newsletter content, there
    will be a "DSP" url bookmarked in his Quicklinks section.

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Q: Where are my extranets?
A: To view your extranets, click on the "Extranets" link that appears under the my Links Tab in the left     hand navigation.

    If your extranets do not appear once you click on the Extranets link, please contact     support@myti.com or your TI Extranet Administrator.

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