TMS320C67x DSP Library
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TMS320C67x DSP Library

ACTIVE WIN98/WIN2000/WINNT/XP   PC   The DSP Library (DSPLIB) is a collection of high-level optimized DSP function modules for the C67x devices.  


The TI C67x DSPLIB is an optimized floating-point DSP Function Library for C programmers using TMS320C67x devices. It includes C-callable, assembly-optimized general-purpose signal-processing routines. These routines are typically used in computationally intensive real-time applications where optimal execution speed is critical. By using these routines, you can achieve execution speeds considerably faster than equivalent code written in standard ANSI C language. In addition, by providing ready-to-use DSP functions, TI DSPLIB can significantly shorten your DSP application development time.


Adaptive Filtering Correlation FFT Filtering and convolution Math Matrix Misc
DSPF_sp_lms DSPF_sp_autocor DSPF_sp_bitrev_cplx DSPF_sp_fir_cplx DSPF_sp_dotp_sqr DSPF_sp_mat_mul DSPF_sp_blk_move
DSPF_dp_lms DSPF_dp_autocor DSPF_sp_cfftr4_dif DSPF_sp_fir_gen DSPF_sp_dotprod DSPF_sp_mat_trans DSPF_sp_blk_eswap16
    DSPF_sp_cfftr2_dit DSPF_sp_fir_r2 DSPF_sp_dotp_cplx DSPF_sp_mat_mul_cplx DSPF_sp_blk_eswap32
    DSPF_sp_fftSPxSP DSPF_sp_fircirc DSPF_sp_maxval DSPF_dp_mat_mul DSPF_sp_blk_eswap64
    DSPF_sp_ifftSPxSP DSPF_sp_biquad DSPF_sp_maxidx DSPF_dp_mat_trans DSPF_sp_fltoq15
    DSPF_sp_icfftr2_dif DSPF_sp_iir DSPF_sp_minval DSPF_dp_mat_mul_cplx DSPF_sp_q15tofl
    DSPF_dp_bitrev_cplx DSPF_sp_iirlat DSPF_sp_vecrecip   DSPF_sp_minerror
    DSPF_dp_cfftr4_dif DSPF_sp_convol DSPF_sp_vecsum_sq   DSPF_dp_blk_move
    DSPF_dp_cfftr2 DSPF_dp_cfftr4_dif DSPF_sp_w_vec    
    DSPF_dp_icfftr2 DSPF_dp_cfftr2 DSPF_sp_vecmul    
      DSPF_dp_fir_cplx DSPF_dp_dotp_sqr    
      DSPF_dp_fir_gen DSPF_dp_dotprod    
      DSPF_dp_fir_r2 DSPF_dp_dotp_cplx    
      DSPF_dp_fircirc DSPF_dp_maxval    
      DSPF_dp_biquad DSPF_dp_maxidx    
      DSPF_dp_iir DSPF_dp_minval    
      DSPF_dp_iirlat DSPF_dp_vecrecip    
      DSPF_dp_convol DSPF_dp_vecsum_sq    

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Application notes (1)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 217 02 Jun 2009
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PDF 400 31 Jan 2010

Software (1)

Name Part Number Software Type
TMS320C6000 DSP Library (DSPLIB)  SPRC265  Software Libraries 

TI Devices (1)

Part Number Name Product Family
OMAP-L137  C6747 DSP+Arm Processor  Digital signal processors (DSP) 

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