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The CDCM7005 is a high-performance, low phase noise and low skew clock synchronizer that synchronizes an on-board voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VC(X)O) frequency to an external reference clock. The device operates up to 2 GHz. The PLL loop bandwidth and damping factor can be adjusted to meet different system requirements by selecting the external VC(X)O, loop filter components, frequency for PFD, and charge pump current. Each of the five differential LVPECL and five LVCMOS pair outputs can be programmed by a serial peripheral interface (SPI). The SPI allows individual control of the frequency and enable/disable state of each output. As the system requires external components like a loop filter and VC(X)O, this EVM provides an easy method to evaluate and modify the performance and parameters of the clock system in conjunction with the specific customer application. Loop bandwidth can be selected as low as 10 Hz or less, allowing the device to clean the system's clock jitter. In non PLL mode, the CDCM7005 can be used as a simple LVPECL or LVCMOS buffer with divider options.

Note: This EVM contains Pb, a necessary component for QML parts

  • High Performance LVPECL and LVCMOS PLL Clock Synchronizer
  • Two Reference Clock Inputs (Primary and Secondary Clock) for Redundancy Support With Manual or Automatic Selection
  • Accepts LVCMOS Input Frequencies Up to 200 MHz VCXO_IN Clock is Synchronized to One of the Two Reference Clocks
  • VCXO_IN Frequencies Up to 2 GHz (LVPECL)
  • Outputs Can Be a Combination of LVPECL and LVCMOS (Up to Five Differential LVPECL Outputs or Up to 10 LVCMOS Outputs)
  • Output Frequency is Selectable by x1, /2, /3, /4, /6, /8, /16 on Each Output Individually
  • Efficient Jitter Cleaning From Low PLL Loop Bandwidth
  • Low Phase Noise PLL Core
  • Programmable Phase Offset (PRI_REF and SEC_REF to Outputs)
  • Wide Charge Pump Current Range From 200 µA to 3 mA
  • Dedicated Charge Pump Supply (VCC_CP) for Wide Tuning Voltage Range VCOs
  • Presets Charge Pump to VCC_CP/2 for Fast Center Frequency Setting of VC(X)O
  • Analog and Digital PLL Lock Indication
  • Provides VBB Bias Voltage Output for Single-Ended Input Signals (VCXO_IN)
  • Frequency Hold Over Mode Improves Fail-Safe Operation
  • Power-Up Control Forces LVPECL Outputs to 3-State at VCC < 1.5 V
  • SPI Controllable Device Setting
  • 3.3-V Power Supply
  • High-Performance 52 Pin Ceramic Quad Flat Pack (HFG)
  • Rad-Tolerant : 50kRad (Si) TID
  • QML-V Qualified, SMD 5962-07230
  • Military Temperature Range (–55°C to 125°C Tcase)

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CDCM7005-SP Evaluation Module


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