LM5145 Wide VIN Synchronous Buck Controller High Density Evaluation Module


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The LM5145EVM-HD-20A high density evaluation module (EVM) is designed to showcase the performance of the LM5145 high performance, synchronous buck DC-DC buck controller with wide input voltage range. The design is packaged in a miniature footprint with low component count. It operates over a wide input voltage range of 24 V to 72 V to deliver a fixed 5-V output with better than 1% setpoint accuracy and currents up to 20A. By virtue of the LM5145's minimum on-time of 40ns, operation at very low duty cycle is feasible. The LM5145 offers a full suite of protection features to ensure protection of the regulator during fault conditions. These include undervoltage lockout to ensure proper operation during voltage-sag conditions, programmable soft-start to reduce inrush current, hiccup-mode overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown. Precision enable, open-drain PGOOD indicator and SYNC IN /  SYNC OUT features are also provided.

  • 24V to 72V input voltage range
  • 5V output voltage, adjustable from 3.3V to 8V
  • Delivers up to 20A of load current
  • Free-running switching frequency of 220kHz, synchronizable to an external clock from -20% to +50%
  • Fully assembled, tested and proven PCB layout with 30-mm x 15-mm total footprint

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LM5145 Wide VIN Synchronous Buck Controller High Density Evaluation Module


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