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Bluetooth LE Software Development Kit for CC2640R2F


ACTIVE 1.35.00  02-MAY-2017  SDK includes both a Bluetooth 5 stack (BLE5-Stack) and a Bluetooth 4.2 stack (BLE-Stack) for CC2640R2F 

SDK add-on with additional Bluetooth example applications


ACTIVE 1.35.00  09-MAR-2017  SDK add-on with additional Bluetooth example applications 

Sensor and Actuator Plugin for SimpleLink™ MCU SDK SDKs


ACTIVE v1.00.00  31-MAR-2017  Sensor and Actuator Plugin for SimpleLink™ MCU SDKs 


The SimpleLink™ CC2640R2 Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the Texas Instruments royalty-free Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) software stacks for developing single-mode BLE applications on the ARM® Cortex®-M3 based SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy CC2640R2F wireless MCU. The BLE stacks are certified stacks that include all necessary software, sample applications and documentation to quickly get started with the development of single-mode Bluetooth low energy (BLE) applications. This SDK includes two components; one for developing Bluetooth 5 (BLE5-Stack) and one for Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE-Stack) applications. Both stacks support embedded and network processor applications and are backwards compatible with previous Bluetooth 4.1 and 4.0 specifications. Refer to the SDK release notes for a detailed description of the features available in this SDK.

For an overview of TI’s Bluetooth low energy solutions, please visit

To quickly get started with the CC2640R2 SDK, TI recommends using SimpleLink Academy, an interactive set of training labs with theory and hands-on exercises to rapidly begin development. The suggested starting point is Project Zero, an introductory demo to easily establish a link between CC2640R2F and a smartphone. Users can begin with Project Zero and launch their own Bluetooth low energy applications.

The SimpleLink™ MCU SDKs

The SimpleLink MCU SDKs feature common components and device-specific middleware to speed up your time-to-market and provide a unified development experience across the entire SimpleLink MCU portfolio of wired and wireless devices. Intuitive and standardized APIs enable 100% application code portability.

Common SimpleLink SDK components:

  • TI Drivers offer portable, feature-rich access to peripherals through easy-to-use functional APIs
  • DriverLib hardware abstraction layer (HAL) offer lower-level access for peripheral and device-specific optimization
  • OS/Kernel provides real-time, multi-tasking operation using the integrated TI-RTOS kernel, or other OS offerings such as FreeRTOS.
  • POSIX-compliant APIs enable application code portability between different OS/kernels
  • Examples are included in documentation and training to help you start developing

Middleware: Each device SDK incorporates additional middleware components to enable developers to take advantage of device-specific features and application-level libraries

Plugins: SDK plugins are also available to extend the functionalities of the SDK with protocols and software for external components.

  • SimpleLink SDK Bluetooth Plugin provides Bluetooth low energy wireless connectivity to SimpleLink MSP432 MCUs
  • SimpleLink SDK Wi-Fi Plugin provides Wi-Fi connectivity with CC3120 network processor to SimpleLink MSP432 MCUs
  • Sensors and Actuator Plugin enables SimpleLink MSP432 MCUs to interface with a number of analog and digital sensors and actuators from TI and 3rd-party providers

  • Bluetooth 5 certified support for 2 Mbps High Speed Mode, Privacy 1.2.1 and Channel Selection Algorithm #2. Demonstration capability for evaluating LE Coded PHYs in Long Range mode. (BLE5-Stack only)
  • Full support for all Bluetooth core specification 4.2 features: LE Secure Connections, LE Data Length Extension and LE Privacy 1.2 as well as Bluetooth 4.0 and 4.1 LE features.
  • Sample applications for all BLE device roles: Central, Peripheral, Broadcaster/Beacon and Observer.
  • Additional applications supported with optional SimpleLink CC2640R2 BLE Example Pack: Glucose Sensor, HID Emulated Keyboard, Heart Rate and Voice Remote Control.
  • Support for automatic code generation of any adopted or custom Bluetooth GATT profile with TI’s plugin for Bluetooth Developer Studio (BDS).
  • Ability to operate without a 32-kHz crystal in peripheral and beacon configurations.
  • Device Firmware Upgrades using TI’s Over-the-air Download (OAD) service and tools.
  • Advanced topology including concurrent master/slave multi-role operation and support for multiple simultaneous connections.
  • Voice-over-BLE support for voice to cloud applications using digital microphone driver.
  • Standalone System-on-Chip (SoC) and network processor software configurations
  • Ultra-low power advertisement and connected states for applications such as peripherals and beacons, including the popular Apple iBeacon® and Google Eddystone™ formats.
  • Built on top of TI-RTOS framework and includes peripheral drivers and advanced power management libraries.
  • Support for the CC2640R2 LaunchPad™ development kit with integrated XDS110 USB debugger.
  • Wide range of sample applications with certified profiles to reduce time to market.
  • Bluetooth qualified design listing to reduce certification test time.
  • Flexible protocol stack configuration options to maximize application memory.
  • Supported in IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, Code Composer Studio™ (CCS) and CCS Cloud™ integrated development environment (IDE) tool chains.
  • Free code generation option with CCS v7.1

Technical Documents
User guides (1)
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Bluetooth Low Energy Software Developer’s Guide 13 Mar 2017
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PDF 728 11 May 2017 1,852
More literature (1)
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PDF 165 26 May 2017 766

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Part Number Name Product Family
CC2640R2F  SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® low energy Wireless MCU  SimpleLink Solutions 
CC2640R2F-Q1  Automotive Qualified SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® low energy Wireless MCU  SimpleLink wireless MCUs 

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