Design & simulation tools

Design & simulation tools

Solve design challenges and speed time to market with our diverse portfolio of tools and resources for product selection and simulation

We provide a wide variety of resources to aid with the board design process and help you accelerate time to market. Harness our diverse suite of tools, models and simulators to select the right integrated circuit, identify external components and values, analyze your system- or product-level design, and even export it to your favorite computer-aided design (CAD) environment. To verify your design, the PSpice® for TI simulation tool, includes an extensive library of TI device models. Additional tools such as WEBENCH® Power Designer, a processor power selector, the Power Stage Designer™ software tool and an active filter designer allow you to perform quick calculations and simulations to help predict and understand your design performance.

Simplify the design process


Shorten design time

Find your device, identify external components, and simulate at the component or system level – all in minutes – accelerating time to market.



Our free design and simulation software helps you predict the behavior of your design without picking up a soldering iron. 



Our expert analog and embedded processing engineers developed and maintain our design tools, so you can be confident with the results.

Design tools

Design tool
WEBENCH Circuit Designer
WEBENCH® Circuit Designer creates customized power supply and active filter circuits based on your system requirements. The environment gives you end-to-end selection, design, and simulation capabilities that save you time during all phases of the analog design process.
Design tool
Power Stage Designer™ software tool of most commonly used switchmode power supplies

Power Stage Designer is a JAVA-based tool that helps speed up power-supply designs as it calculates voltages and currents of 21 topologies based on user inputs. Additionally, Power Stage Designer contains a Bode plotting tool and a helpful toolbox with various functions to make power supply design (...)

Design tool
Clock tree architect programming software

Clock tree architect is a clock tree synthesis tool that streamlines your design process by generating clock tree solutions based on your system requirements. The tool pulls data from an extensive database of clocking products to generate a system-level multi-chip clocking solution.

Design tool
Design, optimized and simulate complete multistage active filter solutions within minutes.
Design tool
The PCB thermal calculator helps you estimate the junction temperatures of components which use exposed-pad packages. This tool generates a quick estimate of the expected junction temperature based on the copper spreading area on the PCB.

Simulation tools

Simulation model
PSpice® for TI is a design and simulation environment that helps evaluate functionality of analog circuits. This full-featured, design and simulation suite uses an analog analysis engine from Cadence®. Available at no cost, PSpice for TI includes one of the largest model libraries in the indu (...)
Simulation tool
Our piecewise linear electrical circuit simulation (PLECS) models enable you to simulate the operation of gallium nitride devices to estimate the field-effect transistor junction temperature, and allow for an adjustable slew rate during turnon.
Simulation tool
The TI-MAGNETIC-SENSE-SIMULATOR (TIMSS) webtool estimates magnetic flux density and TI magnetic sensor outputs for magnetic position sensing systems. The tool has device emulation and supports various magnet shapes, grades and motion types.

Circuit designs and Sub systems

Circuit designs
Analog circuits
Learn how to simplify and speed system design with our comprehensive library of sub-circuit ideas. Our analog engineer’s circuit cookbooks offer 60+ amplifier and 40+ data converter sub-circuit designs in two easy to use e-books. Each circuit can be easily adapted to meet your specific needs (...)
Arm® Cortex ®-M0+ MCUs subsystems
Accelerate your development with our broad selection of MSPM0 subsystems ideas. Integrate these application building blocks to simplify your software effort. 

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Our product pages provide dozens of product-specific tools and resources to help you evaluate, design, develop and get to market faster.