India automotive seminar

Within the automotive industry, vehicle electrification and drive-assist are two increasingly important trends for future vehicle design and production, and the design challenges with these two trends are also increasingly critical.

The India Automotive Seminar 2021 has ended, but you can watch sessions on demand through the links below.

Technical sessions

Watch session recordings on demand to learn more about the latest technologies for vechicle electrification, driver assist, body electronics and more.

Recording link
India Automotive Seminar inaugural keynote
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Making EVs more affordable with powertrain integration
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Solving power efficiency and integration design challenges with C2000™ MCUs in onboard chargers
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AEC-Q100 GaN: Future for on-board charging and high-voltage DC/DC
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Design consideration for performance optimization of 48-V traction controller, Part I
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Design consideration for performance optimization of 48-V traction controller, Part II
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BMS solutions for 48-V, 400-V and 800-V EV/HEV batteries
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Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity solutions for automotive applications
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Automotive USB charger challenges and innovations
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Jacinto™ 7 automotive processors
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PCB thermal design tips for automotive DC/DC converters
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Using an active EMI filter in power converters to reduce EMI filter size and cost
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Isolated bias supply solutions for isolated gate drivers
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Learn more about the technologies and trends driving innovation in vehicle electrification, ADAS and body electronics.

HEV/EV powertrain

Learn how we are driving vehicle electrification forward. From mild hybrid to full electric, we have the expertise to help you take on your most vital design challenges. 

Advanced driver assistance (ADAS)

Learn how we are driving autonomy forward. Design reliable, scalable advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for a safer, more automated driving experience. 

Body electronics & lighting    

Learn how we are driving body electronics and lighting forward to accelerate the evolution of driver and passenger comfort and convenience inside and outside of the vehicle.

Charge ahead with EV powertrain integration

Advanced EV powertrain architectures maximize power density, increase efficiency, improve reliability and make EVs more affordable for more people. Read how we driving this integration forward.

ADAS: Driving automotive safety forward

ADAS technology enables cars to take actions similar to a driver – sensing weather conditions, detecting objects on the road – and make decisions in real time to improve safety.

Tackling the EMI challenge

As consumers expect better performance out of their electronics, mitigating electromagnetic interference (EMI) becomes a bigger problem to solve. Learn how we are helping you mitigate EMI.