Driving body electronics & lighting forward

Accelerating the evolution of passenger comfort and convenience

The body electronics and lighting systems in a vehicle create comfort and convenience for the driver, passengers and in some cases even those outside of the vehicle. From adaptive headlights and efficient body motors and HVAC systems to scalable solutions for body control modules, gateways and car access systems, we have the expertise to help you meet the changing design needs for body electronics and lighting. Leverage our products and system resources to create body electronics and lighting systems that are more advanced, efficient and flexible. Jump-start your designs now.

Featured products


37-V, automotive H-bridge smart gate driver with inline current sense amplifier for body motor applications


12-channel automotive 40-V highside LED driver with FlexWire interface for adaptive headlights


Automotive 4-A/4-A single-channel gate driver with 5-V UVLO and dual-input structure for HVAC applications

Save time and space in body motor control module designs

Vehicles may have more than 20 body motors to improve physical comfort as well as convenience with modules in doors, seats, trunks, sunroofswindows and more. Through analog integration, our motor control ICs help shorten development time, improve reliability and support of safety functions with protection features such as overcurrent and over-temperature detection. Our portfolio of scalable devices for every motor helps you mitigate EMI, minimize thermal challenges and enable power-off braking and position management.

Automotive lighting

Read how analog features integrated into motor driver ICs that help mitigate EMI, manage thermals, sense currents, enable power-off braking and assist with diagnostics and protection.

This training discusses the beneficial analog functions that can simplify your body motor control module design focusing on door, seat, trunk and sunroof motor control modules.

Design efficient and scalable BCM, gateway & power distribution box systems

Electrification and evolving architectures are requiring body control modules (BCMs), gateways and power distribution boxes (PDBs) to be more efficient and scalable to meet different vehicle model needs. Our portfolio of transceivers and SBCs, Jacinto™ automotive processors, high-side switches and more enables BCMs to have improved diagnostics and detection capabilities, scalable gateway systems for zonal, domain or centralized architectures and PDBs or smart junction boxes that efficiently manage power throughout the system.

Car seats

Learn why zonal architectures are becoming more prevalent to organize the ECUs throughout the vehicle resulting in optimized networking and power architecture.

Learn about optimal circuits to monitor inputs in 24-V systems and how to drive inductive circuits such as relays, detect open-load conditions and transition the BCM operation to limp home mode.

Develop efficient HVAC modules

Vehicle electrification is transforming the automotive industry and body electronics is no exception. The HVAC system is the second most power-hungry system within a vehicle so designing a power-efficient HVAC system is essential in 48-V, 400-V or 800-V HEV/EVs. Our portfolio of gate drivers, brushless motor drivers, buck converters, MCUs and more helps you design efficient HVAC systems for internal combustion engine vehicles or HEV/EVs.

Automotive HMI

Read how HVAC system designs are changing in HEV/EVs including new control modules, their unique subsystems and functional solutions to help you start thinking through implementation.

Learn how to drive all motors or flap actuators from a single motor driver to save board space and cost, while overcoming design challenges.

Design smart, scalable and efficient automotive lighting systems

Automotive lighting continues to evolve at breakneck speeds to improve functionality and safety for drivers, pedestrians and others on the road. From adaptive headlights and animated rear lights to personalized interior lighting and brighter, customizable small lights we have devices and a portfolio of LED drivers and DLP® automotive products  to address your lighting needs from end-to-end and everything in between.

Automotive HMI

Learn more about the five semiconductor technologies that are impacting your lighting roadmap for future models and what design challenges each one of these trends pose for engineers.

Read how to overcome electrical challenges in automotive rear lighting systems including higher power demand, thermal management, fault detection and protection and electromagnetic compatibility.