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  • Input voltage range: 4.5 V to 17 V
  • Output voltage range: 0.25 V to 5.5 V
  • Dual output supporting N+M phase configurations (N+M ≤ 8, M ≤ 4)
  • Intel® VR14 SVID compliant with PSYS support
  • Backward compatible to VR13.HC/VR13.0 SVID
  • Automatic NVM fault status logging
  • Dynamic current limit for improved Fast-Vmode performance
  • Fully compatible with TI NexFET™ power stage for high-density solutions
  • Enhanced D-CAP+ control to provider superior transient performance with excellent dynamic current sharing
  • Dynamic phase shedding with programmable thresholds for optimizing efficiency at light and heavy loads
  • Configurable with non-volatile memory (NVM) for low external component count
  • Accurate, adjustable, adaptive voltage positioning (AVP, load line) support
  • Individual per-phase IMON calibration, with multi-slope gain calibration to increase system accuracy.
  • Fast phase-adding for transient undershoot reduction
  • Diode braking with programmable timeout for reduced transient overshoot
  • Patented AutoBalance™ current sharing
  • Programmable per-phase valley current limit (OCL)
  • PMBus™ v1.3.1 system interface for telemetry of voltage, current, power, temperature, and fault conditions
  • Programmable loop compensation through PMBus
  • Driverless configuration for efficient high- frequency switching
  • 5.00 mm × 5.00 mm, 40-pin, QFN package