SSZT278 july   2020 PCM6240-Q1 , PCM6260-Q1 , PCM6340-Q1 , PCM6360-Q1


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    2.     Trend No. 1: Active noise cancellation systems
    3.     Trend No. 2: In-cabin communication systems
    4.     Trend No. 3: Emergency calling (eCall) systems and hands-free voice systems
    5.     Trend No. 4: Centralized audio hubs

Krunal Maniar

The automotive industry is focused on creating a comfortable driving experience – but without compromising fuel efficiency or manufacturing costs. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are refreshing their audio system architectures frequently to enhance the user experience and ensure safety by incorporating new audio technologies.

Techniques using microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers and advanced digital signal processing can help enable background noise reduction, clearer voice communication between passengers, and emergency and high-fidelity hands-free voice calling. These are the four audio trends transforming automotive audio design.