SBOA514A March   2021  – August 2021 DRV5032 , TMAG5170 , TMAG5231 , TMAG5273


  1. 1Application Brief
  2. 2 Magnetic tamper detection
  3. 3 Case tamper detection
  4. 4 End-of-travel detection
  5. 5Selecting the right part for limit detection

Application Brief

As advanced diagnostics are increasingly being included in various applications, it is often desired to detect when a unique or anomalous event occurs in a system. Example events to detect could include the detection of when a normally closed system is opened, detection of an actuator or control element reaching its end of travel, or even detection of a large external magnetic field. In all of these cases, a simple Hall-effect sensor can often solve this problem in a reliable and robust manner. This article discusses using Hall position sensors to implement a limit-detection function for use cases such as magnetic tamper detection, case tamper detection, and end-of-travel detection.