SLUP409A January   2022  – April 2022 TPS62913


  1. Introduction
  2. DC/DC Converters are Noisy
  3. Power-Supply Output Voltage Ripple and Noise Degrade ADC Performance
  4. Minimizing Low-Frequency Noise Requires Dedicated Low-Noise IC Technologies
  5. Traditional Approaches to Reducing Ripple
  6. Using Smaller Capacitors in Parallel
  7. Larger Inductance
  8. Adding a Feedthrough Capacitor
  9. Adding a Ferrite Bead
  10. 10Layout Techniques
  11. 11Silicon Solutions
  12. 12Conclusions
  13. 13Important Notice


This document reviews three specific challenges that designers encounter when designing a power supply for a high-speed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and approaches to solve them.