SLVAFI9 may   2023 TPS50601A-SP , TPS73801-SEP , TPS7H1101A-SP , TPS7H3301-SP , TPS7H3302-SEP , TPS7H4001-SP , TPS7H4002-SP , TPS7H4003-SEP , TPS7H4010-SEP , TPS7H5001-SP


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Introduction
  4. 2Space Qualification Flow Overview
  5. 3Space Rated Power Devices
  6. 4Example Power Maps
    1. 4.1 Rad-Hard Power for RTG4
    2. 4.2 Rad-Tolerant Power for RTG4
  7. 5Conclusion


This application note provides a recommended space rated power design for the Microsemi® RTG4™ FPGA. The report outlines recommendations for the individual power rails and the benefits of rad-hard (-SP) and rad-tolerant (-SEP) devices. Then, example power block diagrams are provided for each of the different power design variations to include both 5 V and 12 V inputs.