SNOT029 April   2022 TLV3601 , TLV3603 , TLV3604 , TLV3605 , TLV3801 , TLV3811


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Concept Diagram for Time-of-Flight Pulse Detection with Comparator

See more about this use case in How to design with high speed comparators in automotive and industrial systems and our Intro to high speed comparators: ToF distance measurements with LVDS comparator videos.

Design Challenges

How High Speed Comparators Benefit the System

  • Low overdrive dispersion contributes to consistent measurements by reducing pulse amplitude sensitivity.
  • Super-fast propagation delay enables time sensitive measurements to occur.
  • Narrow pulse width detection capability makes it possible to detect objects at farther distances.
  • LVDS and single-ended comparator output options are available depending on downstream device requirements.
Part NumberOutput TypeMin. Pulse WidthtPDtOD_DISPERSIONSupply Range (V)
TLV3801 and TLV3811LVDS240 ps225 ps5 ps2.7 to 5.25
TLV3601and TLV3603Push-Pull1.25 ns2.5 ns600 ps2.4 to 5.5
TLV3604 and TLV3605LVDS600 ps800 ps350 ps2.4 to 5.5
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