SLLU346 April   2022 SN6507


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1Introduction
  3. 2Overview
  4. 3EVM Setup and Operation
  5. 4EVM Configuration Options
  6. 5Bill of Materials
  7. 6EVM Schematic and PCB


This user's guide presents a typical laboratory setup used with this EVM.


Do not use this EVM for isolation voltage tests even though the isolated power transformer has galvanic isolation protection of up to 2500 V. This EVM is designed for the evaluation of device operating parameters only. If a high voltage (greater than 36 V) or a high load current (greater than 500 mA) is applied anywhere in the circuit, the EVM could be damaged.

Exceeding the specified input voltage range and applying loads outside the specified output range may cause unexpected operation and irreversible damage to the EVM. If there is uncertainty as to the input voltage range, power specifications, or about using a configuration that is or is not described in this user guide, please contact a TI field representative or create a post on prior to connecting power.