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    2.     What Is the Difference between Basic and Reinforced Digital Isolators?
    3.     What Do I Need to Know to Select a Digital Isolator?
    4.     How Do I Find the Right TI Device for My Design?
    5.     Can You Power the Two Sides of a Digital Isolator with Different Voltages?
    6.     Can a Digital Isolator Signal Voltage Be Different from Its Power-supply Voltage?
    7.     What Is the Logic State of a Digital Isolator with No Input Signal?
    8.     Can You Leave Unused Channel Pins on a Digital Isolator Floating?
    9.     How Can You Determine the Power Consumption of a Digital Isolator?
    10.     How Do You Generate Isolated Power for a Digital Isolator?
    11.     What Questions Did We Miss?
    12.     Additional Resources
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Top 9 Design Questions about Digital Isolators