SSZTBT7 December   2015 AM3351


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Artem Aginskiy

As Linux continues to redefine the speed at which embedded systems get to market, the need for entry-lever processors continues to grow.  The ability to leverage decades of software development and standard tool chains truly cannot be understated.  Embedded systems continue to scale down bringing software reuse to smaller processors.


This week, TI announces the latest flavor in the highly versatile Sitara AM335x family of processors.  The new Linux-enabled entry-level Sitara™ AM3351 processor features ARM® Cortex®-A8 core paired with Gigabit Ethernet, USB, and many other peripherals in an optimized 13mm x 13mm package.  The AM3351 processor is completely software-compatible with the full Sitara AM335x processor family through the Processors SDK. Processors SDK is a robust foundation build on top of industry standards including mainline LTS Linux kernel, Yocto Project-compatible file system and Linaro tool chain. It is also pin-compatible with all 13mm x 13mm packages within the AM335x processor family that enable performance scaling to enable GPU and the programmable real-time unit (PRU).

The AM3351 processor enables many applications ranging from streaming audio to medical monitoring to test and measurement.

As an entry-level processor, AM3351 is the perfect device to get started on TI’s industry leading Linux-based software development platform, Processor SDK.  This low-cost option enables software scalability across many TI devices from single-core ARM Cortex-A8 to multicore Cortex-A15 devices.  All supported devices utilize common tools, reference software, documentation and a development environment enabling the processor to grow with your application needs.