DLPA121A August   2021  – March 2023 DLP2000 , DLP2010 , DLP230GP , DLP3010 , DLP4710


  1. 1Application Brief

Application Brief

Augmented reality (AR) glasses and headsets use display modules that blend the digital and physical worlds. These display modules have demanding requirements for performance, size, and power. TI DLP® Pico technology enables small, high-performance, low power AR display modules.

Features and Benefits

  • High optical efficiency / low power
    • A brighter display on a limited power budget
    • Lower LED power consumption required to reach target brightness levels
  • High contrast
    • On/off contrast ratios of >1000:1 are possible, dependent on optical design tradeoffs, which enable highly transparent backgrounds.
  • High speed
    • Digital micromirrors that switch in microseconds enable frame rates of up to 240 Hz, high color-sequential refresh rates and low display latency.

Recommended DLP Pico Chipsets for AR Glasses

The DLP Pico chipset portfolio offers several solutions for AR glasses. The best fit will depend on the target size, power, and field of view, and resolution of the display system.

For smaller, lower power display systems, DLP Pico chipsets that include a 0.1" or 0.2”-class micromirror array diagonal are recommended. These solutions enable extremely compact optical systems and the lowest possible power consumption.

For higher-performance display systems, the 0.3” and 0.47”-class of devices enable larger field of view (FOV) and higher resolution.

DMD Controller Resolution
Low Power / Small Size DLP160CP DLPC3421 640x360
DLP2000 DLPC2607 640x360
DLP2010 DLPC3430 854x480
DLP230GP DLPC3432 960x540
Higher Performance DLP3010 DLPC3433 1280x720
DLP4710 DLPC3439 1920x1080

DLP Pico controllers and PMIC/LED driver chips enable compact, low power PCBs that can fit in virtually any AR glasses form factor.

Example Small Optical Engine Design

Side-illuminated DLP2010, DLP230GP and DLP3010 DMDs can enable slim, in-line designed optical engines that are good fits for compact AR glasses with either near-temple or near-eyebrow display system locations.