DLPA123 July   2021 DLP470TE , DLP471TE , DLP471TP , DLP650TE , DLP660TE , DLPA100 , DLPC4422 , DLPC6540 , DLPC7540


  1. 1Application Brief

Application Brief

Developers looking to integrate 4K UHD display technology can use Texas Instruments DLP 4K UHD chipsets. Highly programmable and delivering true 4K UHD resolution, the chipset enables numerous display solutions, including: laser TV, home theater, education and enterprise projectors, digital signage, smart lighting and more.

About the DLP 4K UHD Chipset

The DLP chipset consists of the digital micromirror device (DMD), a digital controller, and a power management device. These devices can be combined with many different optical and mechanical components to meet a diverse set of performance level requirements. The chipset offers great versatility for numerous applications needing ultra-high definition, each DMD and digital controller coming with a unique set of features. To learn more, explore the products in Table 1-1.

Table 1-1 DLP 4K UHD Chipsets
DMD Controller Power management device
DLP470TE DLPC4422 (x2) DLPA100
DLP660TE DLPC4422 (x2) DLPA100
DLP471TP DLPC6540 DLPA3005

4K UHD Resolution

  • Ultra-fast switching speed.
    • The fast switching speed of the DMD enables 8.3 million pixels to be displayed on the screen using 4.15 million micromirrors.
    • Resolution delivered is equal to combining four 1080p displays.

High Performance Imager

  • High ANSI contrast reveals fine lines and details for excellent readability.
  • Alignment-free.
    • Optical engine designs using a single DLP chip are inherently aligned for perfect convergence, resulting in sharp, detailed images.

Flexible Technology

  • High thermal capability.
    • Enables numerous display products requiring high brightness solutions.
  • Light source agnostic.
    • Compatible with virtually any light source, including lasers, laser phosphor and LEDs.

Robust Ecosystem

  • Optical modules
  • TI.com support tools, technical documents and online community available to address technical questions.

Production-ready optical modules to aid developers, TI maintains a robust ecosystem, including independent companies with expertise in designing and manufacturing production-ready optical modules. An optical module is a compact assembly that includes a DLP DMD, an LED-based illumination source, optics and associated mechanics.

GUID-20210618-CA0I-QBWS-4T68-1RHKVPMRWWD1-low.gif Figure 1-1 DLPC7540 4K UHD Chipset Diagram
GUID-20210618-CA0I-K7G6-PZ3H-CDNCLGBVM27R-low.gif Figure 1-2 DLPC4422 4K UHD Chipset Diagram