DLPA131 January   2022 DLP160AP , DLP160CP , DLP2000 , DLP2010 , DLP230GP , DLP230KP , DLP230NP , DLP3010 , DLP3310 , DLP4710


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Application Brief

Appliance displays have traditionally been limited to monochrome alphanumeric displays, like those on microwaves and ovens. Some newer appliances integrate displays with higher resolutions and full color. Appliance manufacturers seeking to differentiate their products should consider projection displays that can create an image on virtually any surface.

Features and Benefits

On-demand displays on a variety of surfacesProject on countertops, stovetops, cutting boards, transparent glass, floors, and more - displays in helpful places when you want them, and invisible when off
High optical efficiency/low powerBrighter displays given power and size constraints
High contrastOn/off contrast ratio of >1000:1 are possible, dependent on optical design tradeoffs, which enables more vivid images and lower black levels
Compact projection systemsDigital micromirror device (DMD) arrays as small as 0.16” diagonal enable extremely compact projection systems that can fit in just about any product

Recommended Chipsets for Appliances

The DLP® Pico chipset portfolio offers several solutions. The best fit will depend on target size, power, & performance level of the display system.

For smaller, lower brightness systems, DLP Pico chipsets that include a 0.16” or 0.2”-class micromirror array diagonal are recommended. These solutions enable extremely compact optical systems and the lowest possible power consumption.

For higher performance display systems, the 0.3” and 0.4”-class of DMDs enable higher brightness levels.

Table 1-1 DLP Pico Chipsets for Appliances
Smallest Size, Lowest PowerSmall Size, High ResolutionHigh Brightness, High Resolution
DLP160AP (180p)
DLP160CP (360p)
DLP2010 (480p)
DLP230GP (540p)
DLP230KP (720p)
DLP230NP (1080p)
DLP3010 (720p)
DLP3310 (1080p)
DLP4710 (1080p)

Brightness and DMD sizes for image sizes

Image Diagonal
Brightness Output
(Lumens) (1)
DMD Diagonal
Assumes 400 nits display. Consider application typical lighting environment.

Example Product Concepts

  • Refrigerator glass window display
  • Countertop, cooktop, or backsplash display
  • Appliance floor display
  • Washer/dryer door display
  • Augmented reality cooking display