SBAA288A July   2018  – January 2019 ADS7142


  1.   TM4C1294 interface to ADS7142 software library
    1.     Trademarks
    2. 1 Introduction
    3. 2 Hardware
    4. 3 Software
      1. 3.1 Header Files
      2. 3.2 ADS7142 Device Functional Modes Overview
      3. 3.3 Software Functions
    5. 4 Using the Software
      1. 4.1 Prerequisites
      2. 4.2 Getting Started
      3. 4.3 Using the Library
    6. 5 Main Routines and Test Data
      1. 5.1 Manual Mode
      2. 5.2 Autonomous Mode With Pre-Alert
      3. 5.3 Autonomous Mode With Post-Alert
      4. 5.4 Autonomous Mode With Start Burst Data
      5. 5.5 Autonomous Mode With Stop Burst Data
      6. 5.6 High Precision Mode
    7. 6 References
  2.   Revision History

TM4C1294 interface to ADS7142 software library

This application report describes how to communicate with the ADS7142 using the TM4C1294NCPDT as the host device. The communication is performed via inter-integrated circuit (I2C) protocol and the ADS7142 is enabled to operate in each of its functional modes. The accompanying software contains a function library allowing quick prototyping of ADS7142 setup and control. This framework is designed with the intention of minimal function modification required to operate the ADS7142 as a sensor monitor. The functional modes of the ADS7142 include manual mode, autonomous mode, and high precision mode. Additional features of the ADS7142 include sampling speed control, oscillator selection, and selection of input channel type (single-ended or pseudo-differential).