SLAA998 May   2021 DAC43701 , DAC43701-Q1 , DAC53701 , DAC53701-Q1


  1.   Design Objective
  2.   Design Description
  3.   Design Requirements and Detailed Design Procedure
  4.   Error Calculation and Thermal Management
  5.   Test Setup and Measurements
  6.   Register Settings
  7.   Pseudocode Examples
  8.   Design Featured Devices
  9.   Design References

Design Objective

Key Input Parameter

Key Output Signal

Recommended Device

GPI trigger, Values programmed in MARGIN_HIGH and MARGIN_LOW registers DAC output transitioning from MARGIN_LOW to MARGIN_HIGH value at a programmed slew rate, current output to adjust the brightness of LED DAC53701, DAC43701

Objective: Programmable LED biasing.