SLAAE20 May   2021 DAC43701 , DAC43701-Q1 , DAC53701 , DAC53701-Q1


  1.   Design Objective
  2.   Design Description
  3.   Design Notes
  4.   Design Simulations
    1.     Transient Simulation Results
  5.   Register Settings
  6.   Pseudo Code Examples
  7.   Design Featured Devices
  8.   Design References

Design Objective

Key Input Parameter

Key Output Signal

Recommended Device

0-V to 5.5-V analog input, programmable threshold voltages, GPI feedbackDigital output of a comparator, GPI feedbackDAC53701, DAC43701,
DAC53701-Q1, DAC43701-Q1

Objective: Create a comparator with adjustable hysteresis thresholds or a latching output.