SLLU248B July   2016  – August 2016 HD3SS460 , TPS3831


  1.   USB Type-C Mini Dock EVM
    1.     Trademarks
    2. 1 What is the TI USB Type-C Dock?
    3. 2 TI USB Type-C Mini Dock Features
    4. 3 USB Type-C Mini Dock Quick-Start Guide
    5. 4 Schematics
  2.   Revision History

USB Type-C™ Mini Dock EVM

This user's guide provides an overview and operating instructions for TI's USB Type-C Mini Dock EVM. A quick-start guide section and schematics are also included in the document. Throughout this document, the abbreviations dock, EVM, EVM board, and the term evaluation module are synonymous with USB Type-C Mini Dock EVM, unless otherwise noted.