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  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1D-CAP Feedback Loop
  4. 2D-CAP Bode Plot Measurement Setup
  5. 3Bode Plot Measurements
  6. 4Transient Response Waveforms
  7. 5D-CAP2 and D-CAP3 Bode Plot Measurement Setup
  8. 6Measurement Tips
  9. 7Summary
  10. 8References
  11. 9Revision History


The stability test is an important part of the evaluation of a DC/DC converter. If done properly, the Bode plot result can be a very quick and useful way to help you gauge the stability of the converter. In the absence of a theoretical analysis, use a network analyzer to measure the Bode plot and confirm the stability of the design. The control-loop gain, which can be plotted in a Bode plot, is a very good indicator of the stability of the DC/DC converter.