SLUAAP2 March   2023 LMG2610 , UCC28782


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Introduction
    1. 1.1 Design Requirement 1: Managing Thermals Induced by Power Losses
    2. 1.2 Design Requirement 2: Reducing Energy Storage Requirement by Switching at High Frequency
  4. 2A Brief Introduction to GaN's Value
  5. 3The Active Clamp Flyback
    1. 3.1 Power Loss Saving 1: Zero-Clamp Loss
    2. 3.2 Power Loss Saving 2: Zero-Voltage-Switching
  6. 4The Value of GaN in Active Clamp Flyback
  7. 5Leveraging Integrated GaN to Simplify ACF Stage
  8. 6Physical Design Implementations Using LMG2610 Integrated Half-Bridge and UCC28782 ACF Controller
    1. 6.1 UCC28782EVM-030
    2. 6.2 PMP23146
  9. 7Leverage Design Tools for ACF
  10. 8Summary
  11. 9References


With the trend of fast-charging systems and growing power demands comes the imminent need for creating convenient, portable designs with small footprints. Small-form-factor, high-power-density power supply designs have taken an imminent share of the consumer AC/DC market with emphasis on efficient and reliable energy conversion. This application note discusses how two key points (managing thermals and increasing switching frequency with the use of integrated GaN technology) must be considered to create reliable, power-dense designs. These discussions reference consumer adapters to provide a well-known context to discuss the background and challenges for these types of designs. However, the information presented in this application note can be applied to any power supply system where high power density and efficiency are an integral part of the design.