SLVAET0A May   2020  – May 2020 TPS51215A , TPS51285A , TPS51367


  1.   Non-Isolated Point-of-Load Solutions for Elkhart Lake in Industrial PC Applications
    1.     Trademarks
    2. 1 Suggested Elkhart Lake Point-of-Load Solutions
    3. 2 Light Load Efficiency and Low Quiescent Current
    4. 3 Voltage Identification (VID) with TPS51215A
    5. 4 Fast Load Transient Response with D-CAP3™ and D-CAP2™ Control
    6. 5 Small IC Packaging
    7. 6 Conclusion
    8. 7 References
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Non-Isolated Point-of-Load Solutions for Elkhart Lake in Industrial PC Applications

Industrial computers serve to improve business continuity and streamline industrial process control. Advanced processors and platforms, such as the Intel® Elkhart Lake micro-achitecture, need point-of-load (POL) solutions for memory, low-power CPU rails, and 3.3 V and 5 V rail requirements from an array of rechargeable batteries or a 12 V input bus. This document intends to highlight DC/DC converters from Texas Instruments that provide performance power management solutions to extend battery life while addressing Elkhart Lake platform power requirements. For specific information about Intel processors and their power requirements, log on to the Intel Resource and Design Center. Contact TI for information about multiphase controllers and power stages designed specifically for the Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning (IMVP) requirements.