SLVK119 August   2022 TPS7H5005-SEP , TPS7H5006-SEP , TPS7H5007-SEP , TPS7H5008-SEP


  1.   TPS7H500x-SEP Production Flow and Reliability Report
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Texas Instruments Enhanced Product Qualification and Reliability Report
  4. 2Space Enhanced Plastic Production Flow
    1. 2.1 Device Introduction
    2. 2.2 TPS7H500x-SEP Space Enhanced Plastic Production Flow
  5. 3Device Qualification
  6. 4Outgas Test Report

TPS7H500x-SEP Production Flow and Reliability Report

This report presents the reliability and qualification results for the TPS7H500x-SEP radiation-tolerant 2-MHz current mode PWM controllers in Space Enhanced Plastic (SEP). The TPS7H500x-SEP series (consisting of TPS7H5005-SEP, TPS7H5006-SEP, TPS7H5007-SEP, and TPS7H5008-SEP) is a family of high-speed, radiation-tolerant, PWM controllers in space enhanced plastic and are manufactured with a controlled baseline that has the following:
  • An Extended Product Life Cycle
  • One Assembly and Test Site
  • Product Traceability
  • Extended Product-Change Notification