SLVUBH1 September   2018


  1.   LP5036EVM User's Guide
    1.     Trademarks
    2. 1 What You Get
    3. 2 What You Need In Addition
    4. 3 How to Get Started
      1. 3.1 Hardware Setup
      2. 3.2 Software Installation
      3. 3.3 GUI Function
        1. 3.3.1 Connection Status
        2. 3.3.2 GUI Functions
          1. Global Setting
          2. RGB LED Color and Intensity Control
          3. Bank Management
        3. 3.3.3 Lighting Patterns
        4. 3.3.4 Register Map
        5. 3.3.5 Tool Bar
    5. 4 Board Layout
      1. 4.1 Schematic
      2. 4.2 BOM

LP5036EVM User's Guide

This user’s guide describes the characteristics, setup, and use of the LP5036EVM Evaluation Module (EVM). This EVM helps the user evaluate the features of the Texas Instruments LP5036 device, which is an I2C bus-controlled, 36-channel, constant-current LED driver. This user’s guide includes setup instructions, a schematic diagram, a bill of materials, printed-circuit board layout drawings, and software instructions.

The LP5036EVM can be converted for testing the LP5030 device by removing the factory-installed device (U1) and replacing it with the LP5030 counterpart. Then when testing, select the corresponding LP5030 tag from the menu on the GUI home page (Figure 5) for the evaluation.