SLVUBN6A February   2019  – May 2020


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Hardware and Software Setup

The hardware (HW) and software (SW) tools that follow are required for EVM evaluation:

  • DRV8705x-Q1EVM, DRV8706x-Q1EVM, DRV8714x-Q1EVM, DRV8718x-Q1EVM or DRV8106x-Q1EVM, x stands for S or H, SPI or Hardware interface
  • A micro-USB cable
  • Brushed motor(s) or other inductive load(s)
  • Voltage supply 4.9 V to 37 V
  • Jumpers (for jumper header(s))
  • DRV87xx-Q1EVM & DRV8106-Q1EVM GUI
  • To reprogram or manipulate the firmware, an MSP-FET tool

For additional details on hardware connections and how to install the GUI, refer to the DRV87xx-Q1EVM & DRV8106-Q1EVM User's Guide.