SLVUBY5A March   2021  – July 2021 TPSM63603


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1EVM Setup
  4. 2EVM Connectors and Test Points
  5. 3Test Results
  6. 4PCB Layouts
  7. 5Schematics
  8. 6Bill of Materials
  9. 7Revision History


The TPSM63603EVM features the TPSM63603 synchronous-buck power module configured for operation with typical 3-V to 36-V input bus applications (the TPSM63603SEVM features the TPSM63603S; spread spectrum variant). The output voltage and switching frequency can be set to one of five popular values by using a configuration jumper. The EVM supplies the full output current rating of the device. Input and output capacitors are included to accommodate the entire range of input voltage and the selectable output voltages on the EVM. Monitoring test points are provided to allow measurement of the following:
  • Efficiency
  • Power dissipation
  • Input ripple
  • Output ripple
  • Line and load regulation
  • Transient response
Control test points and jumpers are provided for use of the enable (EN), synchronization (SYNC), and power-good (PGOOD) features of the device. The recommended PCB layout of the EVM maximizes thermal performance and minimizes output ripple and noise. All feature test points, schematic and layout are the same for both EVMs, TPSM63603EVM and TPSM63603SEVM, the only difference being the U1 IC (see the device data sheet for information).