SNVAA59 October   2022 TPS563202 , TPS563207 , TPS564242 , TPS564247


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TPS56X242/7 Pin Out

The TPS56x242/7 is a cost effective, high-frequency, synchronous buck converter with integrated FETs. The TPS56x242/7 operates with supply input voltage ranging from 3 V to 16 V. The TPS56x242/7 uses DCAP3™ control mode to provide a fast transient response, good line, load regulation, no requirement for external compensation, and supports low equivalent series resistance (ESR) output capacitors such as specialty polymer and ultra-low ESR ceramic capacitors.

TPS56x242/7 uses SOT563 package which can do the co-layout with last SOT563 generation part. This article introduces how to do co-lay and uses TPS564242 and TPS563202 to do an example.

Figure 1-1 is TPS564242 pin out with SOT563 package. This pin out has a little difference with last generation part TPS563202 3-A part as Figure 1-2. Most of the pin are same. The only difference is definition of pin 4. Please see Table 1-1. The Pin 4 of TPS563202 is BST pin.

Figure 1-1 TPS564242 Pin Out
Figure 1-2 TPS563202 Pin Out
Table 1-1 Pin Comparison
Part Number Pin Number Pin Name Description
TPS564242 4 AGND Ground of internal analog circuitry. Connect AGND to the GND plane.
TPS563202 4 BST Supply input for the high-side NFET gate drive circuit. Connect 0.1 µF capacitor between BST and SW pin.

Schematic Design

TPS564242 can do co-lay with TPS563202 by adding some compatible circuit at Pin 4. Figure 1-3 shows the co-lay schematic.

Figure 1-3 Co-layout Solution

Soldering Information for Different Part Support

  • TPS564242: R3 (0 ohm) need to be soldered. C3 needs to float.
  • TPS563202: C3 (0.1 uF) needs to be soldered. R3 needs to float.

Figure 1-4 and Figure 1-5 are tested at 12-V input voltage, 5-V output voltage at full loading. TPS564242 and TPS563202 works very well.

Figure 1-4 TPS564242 12-V Input to
5-V Output at 4 A
Figure 1-5 TPS563202 12-V Input to
5-V Output at 3 A


If co-lay TPS564242 with TPS563202, both schematic and layout are needed to be considered, because of different pin definition. In BOM there is also small differences that need to pay attention.