SNVU769A September   2021  – October 2022


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Top View with Basic External Connections
  4. 2Input, Output Voltages, and Load Current Requirements
  5. 3Jumpers and connectors
    1. 3.1 Test Points
  6. 4Getting Started
    1. 4.1 GUI
    2. 4.2 GUI Installation and working with GUI
  7. 5Watchdog
  8. 6Schematics, Layout and BOM
    1. 6.1 Schematic Diagram
    2. 6.2 PCB Layer Diagram
    3. 6.3 Components List
  9. 7Revision History


The LP87745-Q1 device is designed to meet the power management requirements of the AWR and IWR MMICs in various automotive and industrial radar applications. The device has three step-down DC/DC converters, a 5 V boost converter and a 1.8 V/3.3 V LDO. The LDO is powered from the boost and intended for xWR and peripheral devices IO supply. The device is controlled by an SPI serial interface and by enable signal. The step-down DC/DC converters support programmable switching frequency of 17.6 MHz, 8.8 MHz or 4.4 MHz and have low noise across wide frequency range which enables LDO-free power solution with minimal or no additional passive filtering. LP87745-Q1 device offers flexible external component selection to optimize the solution in terms of performance or cost. The features of the device target safety-relevant applications with system-safety requirements up to ASIL-C level.

This user's guide provides instructions to power up and evaluate LP87745-Q1 device using the LP877451Q1EVM evaluation module (EVM) and software user interface (LP87745-Q1 GUI). By default LP877451Q1EVM has LP877451A1RXVRQ1 device OTP version (17.6 MHz, Low noise use case BOM), but this EVM can also be used to evaluate another OTP device from LP8774x-Q1 product family.

CAUTION: Hot surface.
Contact may cause burns.
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