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  1.   LMR38020 LMR38020-Q1 EVM User Guide
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  4. 2 LMR38020 Evaluation Module
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LMR38020 LMR38020-Q1 EVM User Guide

The LM38020EVM is an 80-V DC/DC buck regulator that employs synchronous rectification to achieve high conversion efficiency in a small footprint. The EVM operates over a wide input voltage range of 6 V to 80 V to provide a regulated 5-V output at 400-kHz switching frequency. The output voltage has better than 1.5% setpoint accuracy and is adjustable using an external resistor divider. The module design uses the LMR38020F synchronous buck converter with the following:

  • Wide input voltage (wide VIN) range
  • Wide duty-cycle range
  • Integrated high-side and low-side power MOSFETs
  • Cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection
  • Precision enable

The LMR38020 converter is available in an 8-pin SO PowerPAD™ integrated circuit package to enable high-density, low-component count DC/DC solutions. The LMR38020EVM evaluation module is qualified for the LMR38020 as well as the LMR38020-Q1 buck converter. See Table 1-1 for package information.

Table 1-1 Device and Package Configurations
U1LMR38020-Q18-pin SO package with PowerPAD (4.89 mm × 3.90 mm)