SPRAD74 March   2023 AM62A3 , AM62A3-Q1 , AM62A7 , AM62A7-Q1


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Smarter Cameras at the Edge
  4. 2AM6xA Scalable Portfolio and the AM62A
  5. 3Smart Camera Use Cases
    1. 3.1 Security Camera Example
  6. 4Deep Learning on the AM62A
    1. 4.1 Deep Learning Accelerator
    2. 4.2 Edge AI Software
  7. 5VPAC Vision Accelerator and ISP
  8. 6Low-Power Performance
  9. 7Call to Action
  10. 8References


The AM62A Processor is designed for low to mid vision applications requiring one to two cameras. With its innovative AI accelerator, H264/H265 encode/decoder, and built-in image sensor processor (ISP) with RGB-Ir support, the AM62A is well suited for a wide variety of vision-based applications. This includes use cases across industrial and automotive such as security cameras, sport cameras, machine vision systems, retail scanners, in-cabin dash cameras, and front or side cameras for automobiles. Delivering up to two TOPS of AI performance at 2 Watts (typ.) under full load, this AI-accelerated processor enhances cost and power-constrained applications.