SPRY345B february   2022  – april 2023 DP83TG720R-Q1 , DP83TG720S-Q1 , TCAN1043A-Q1


  1.   At a glance
  2.   Authors
  3.   Introduction
  4.   Overcoming E/E architecture challenges
  5.   Power distribution challenges and solutions
  6.   Decentralization of power distribution
  7.   Replacing melting fuses with semiconductor fuses
  8.   Smart sensor and actuator challenges and solutions
  9.   Zonal modules –new microcontroller requirements
  10.   Smart sensors and actuators
  11.   Data challenges and solutions
  12.   Types of data
  13.   Time sensitivity of data
  14.   Communication security
  15.   Conclusion

At a glance

This paper looks at the transition to software-defined vehicles and how moving to a zone electric/electronic (E/E) architecture addresses power distribution, sensor and actuator, and data communication challenges.

1 Power distribution challenges and solutions
Explore implications of new zone architectures on automotive power distribution.
2 Smart sensor and actuator challenges and solutions
Understand separation of physical and logical IO functions and the impact on sensors and actuators.
3 Data challenges and solutions
Learn about the mix of data types required and their coexistence while maintaining communication security.