SPRZ544 March   2023 AM62A3 , AM62A3-Q1 , AM62A7 , AM62A7-Q1


  1. 1Usage Notes and Advisories Matrices
    1. 1.1 Devices Supported
  2. 2Silicon Usage Notes and Advisories
    1. 2.1 Silicon Usage Notes
      1.      i2351
      2.      i2372
    2. 2.2 Silicon Advisories
      1.      i2049
      2.      i2062
      3.      i2097
      4.      i2134
      5.      i2189
      6.      i2196
      7.      i2199
      8.      i2208
      9.      i2249
      10.      i2278
      11.      i2279
      12.      i2310
      13.      i2311
      14.      i2312
      15.      i2366
      16.      i2371
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Usage Notes and Advisories Matrices

Usage Notes Matrix lists all usage notes and the applicable silicon revision(s). Advisories Matrix lists all advisories, modules affected, and the applicable silicon revision(s).

Table 1-1 Usage Notes Matrix
AM62Ax 1.0
Boot i2372 — ROM doesn't support select multi-plane addressing schemes in Serial NAND boot YES
OSPI i2351 — OSPI: Controller does not support Continuous Read mode with NAND Flash YES
Table 1-2 Advisories Matrix
AM62Ax 1.0
Boot i2366— Boot: ROM does not comprehend specific JEDEC SFDP features for 8D-8D-8D operation YES
Boot i2371— Boot: ROM code may hang in UART boot mode during data transfer YES
c71x i2199 — C71x: SE returning incorrect data when non-aligned transposed stream crosses AM1 circular buffer boundary YES
CPSW i2208 — CPSW: ALE IET Express Packet Drops YES
DSS i2097 — DSS: Disabling a layer connected to Overlay may result in synclost during the next frame YES
ECC_AGGR i2049 — ECC_AGGR: Potential IP Clockstop/Reset Sequence Hang due to Pending ECC Aggregator Interrupts YES
Interrupt Aggregator i2196 — IA: Potential deadlock scenarios in IA YES
MCAN i2278 — MCAN: Message Transmit order not guaranteed from dedicated Tx Buffers configured with same Message ID YES
MCAN i2279 — MCAN: Specification Update for dedicated Tx Buffers and Tx Queues configured with same Message ID YES
MMCHS i2312 — MMCHS HS200 and SDR104 Command Timeout Window Too Small YES
OSPI i2189 — OSPI: Controller PHY Tuning Algorithm YES
OSPI i2249 — OSPI: Failing OSPI DDR PHY Internal Pad Loopback and No Loopback timing modes YES
RAT i2062 — RAT: Error Interrupt Triggered Even When Error Logging Disable Is Set YES
USART i2310 — USART: Erroneous triggering of timeout interrupt YES
USART i2311 — USART Spurious DMA Interrupts YES
USB i2134 — USB: 2.0 Compliance Receive Sensitivity Test Limitation YES