Apply for a line of credit

Check out faster on with net 30 terms

Make purchasing easier by applying for a line of credit powered by Apruve, the platform TI uses to manage their terms and invoicing program for online purchases. Apruve manages invoices, payments, and payment reminders for purchases made with net 30 terms.

A line of credit per currency is available in the following regions :

  • Australia – USD
  • Canada – USD or CAD
  • China – CNY
  • European Union – USD or EUR
  • India – USD or INR
  • Israel – USD or ILS
  • Japan – JPY
  • Mexico – USD
  • Norway – USD
  • Puerto Rico – USD
  • Singapore – USD
  • Switzerland – USD
  • Taiwan – USD or TWD
  • United Kingdom – USD
  • United States – USD

Visit Apruve to apply now 

Buy now, pay later

With a line of credit through Apruve, you get net 30 terms on every purchase.

Track your PO & go

Easily track orders with your PO# through digital, paperless payment and invoicing.

One account, multiple buyers

Add colleagues to your company account through a single hub to allow more time for collaboration.

*You will be directed to a site owned and operated by our partner, Apruve.

For more help with buying on, visit our ordering help section.

For more help with Apruve, visit the Apruve FAQs