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Indonesia rupiah currency (IDR)

Indonesia rupiah currency (IDR)

What does the estimated tax amount include when I place an order for shipping to Indonesia?

In accordance with the local goods and services tax regulations, your purchases will be taxed using the applicable VAT rate(s).

Am I eligible for a tax exemption if my business is located in a special economic zone (SEZ) or part of a special tax program?

No. All purchases made in IDR currency are subject to applicable VAT charge(s).

How do I review tax charges on my order?

During the checkout process, before selecting your payment type, you will see tax charges on your order summary. After placing the order, you also can review the e-invoice sent to the designated e-mail provided at checkout, once TI has shipped your order. 

Is my business entity able to be the importer of record for purchases made in IDR currency?

No. If your business entity wants to be the importer of record, you will have to select USD currency during the checkout process.

Will my business entity receive an e-invoice for purchases made in USD currency?

No. TI does not issue e-invoices for purchases in USD currency. To receive an e-invoice, please check out in IDR currency.

What address and NPWP do I need to provide in the e-invoice section during the checkout process?

If your business entity has multiple NPWP, then provide the NPWP to which you want the invoices issued in the e-invoice section. Provide the address that corresponds to the billing or invoicing address for the NPWP. 

How will I receive my e-invoice?

You will receive your e-invoice at the e-mail address provided during the checkout process from donotreply@ti.com, which will include a copy of your e-invoice. Please check your spam or junk folder if you have not received an invoice, or contact our customer support center at https://support.ti.com/csm.

How do I get a copy of my e-invoice?

If you would like to get a copy of your invoice, please contact our customer support center at https://support.ti.com/csm.

What does it mean if my business entity selects DDP incoterms?

If your business entity selects DDP incoterms, it means that your business entity is agreeing that Texas Instruments will be the importer of record. In such cases, Texas Instruments becomes responsible for tariffs and customs clearances.

Is it possible to revise or change some of the information that I provided during checkout on the e-invoice?

TI uses the information that you provided during the checkout process to generate the e-invoice on government portal. Texas Instruments cannot revise or change any information provided during the checkout process, so it is not possible to revise the e-invoice once issued.